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Borderlands 1 To Be Free on PSN


To those who fortunately (in this case) own a Playstation 3 with internet access (who may unfortunately have not experienced the lawlessness world of Pandora) will be able to pack their console with a little more joyful digital content. Gearbox is to debut a free and full version of Borderlands on the Playstation Network on September 4th; a date two weeks from the upcoming Borderlands 2 release. Aside from a lengthy download, this is part of Gearbox's strategy to further popularize the franchise and introduce certain core element in the original Borderlands in efforts to lay the table for Borderlands 2's release.

To those who have neglected to take a gander at Borderland's repertoire should definitely consider dabbling around with Gearbox's flagship franchise. From the fervent cooperative game play, exciting loot unearthings, treasure chest unveilings, and the ensuing laughter from the enigma spewing from certain Borderlands 1 glitches, players will certainly be able to enjoy Borderlands 1 with friends. To those that can't help but relish in the delicacies ushered in by Borderlands' unique take in the gaming industry will undoubtedly find that and much more in the upcoming sequel.

To those who haven't played Borderlands 1, now is a prime time to grab your controller and play it. Will you be downloading Borderlands 1 on the Playstation 3?
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