Bloodborne Receiving Minor Update

By Inkd · Jul 6, 2015 · Updated Jul 6, 2015
  1. Inkd
    Sony Computer Entertainment announced earlier this morning that From Software's PlayStation 4 action role-playing exclusive will be receiving an update in the near future, sometime next week to be more precise. Bloodborne update 1.05 will include a numerous amount of changes. Some of these changes will include online improvements and level scaling for multiplayer, will be introduced within this update.

    Unfortunately, this update isn't as astronomical as many players hoped it'd be, however it does focus on fixing major issues that the developers should have fixed many moons ago, such as major bug fixes and matching improvements. In addition to this, players that use either the Beckoning Bell or Small Resonant Bell while using a password will finally be indicated when that specific password is in use. Finally, if the level difference between the host and the guest when matched using a password is large, the guest's stats will be adjusted to match the host's.

    Many are excited about this upcoming update, however many are still disappointed with From Software, and with good reason. Bloodborne was released on March 24, 2015, and enemies can still attack players through walls and other objects. This is an enormous issue that the developers seemed to have overlooked. From Software explained that it will "continue to make improvements to better the play experience." The game's very first expansion is currently being developed, however Sony nor the developers have shared much information regarding that. We will keep you updated.


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  1. MatthewH
    I think users need to learn how hard things can be from a developers side. We can test and test and test; and everything works perfectly such as walls acting as they are supposed to and block people from killing you. Then you release and all of a sudden this issue occurs. Then the developer has go in and then figure out where the hell this issue is. To do this they must test it again and again. See if it's maybe a physics issue, a model issue, a boundry box issue, a code issue, or just a glitch that no one knows why it's happening. Then they have to code and see if everything is striking right, and then go on in fix. This may seem like a short process but this can really take weeks to do if it's a big issue, happening in more than one place as they have to test it everywhere.
    I also hate how people get disappointed when updates are huge, see...there's a lot of coding to a game which means there's a lot to do for it, and then let's not forget the compile time for everything, especially if it's a HUGE game with 1080p graphics by default and a lot of features in it.
    And you have to look at the team size. Is it 10 people updating this game or 100 people? If it's 10 people, each working 8 hours a day, that's 480 hours a week (assuming each person had one day off) to this game. Take a month, 1920 hours. Which would means just under 11 and a half weeks of work have been put into that update (80 days). You try to test, debug, fix, test, debug, fix and repeat until problems such as hitting people through walls occur. But let's not forget. 2 weeks for the whole team of 10. Let's assume one person was assigned this issue.
    1 person, 8 hours a day.
    1 week, 48 hours (assuming at least one day off or a BS day)
    4 weeks, 192.
    8 days. 8 days to fix an issue as big as that, for millions of people. 8 days to find, test, debug, attempt to fix, and destroy that bug. Could you do it?
    1. Inkd
      I couldn't personally do it, but it's also not my job to fix these. The game has been available since March, and the issue at hand has been occurring since March. It's an issue that should have been fixed a long time ago. Just my two cents.
    2. MatthewH
      Sorry, thought it said may. Oops, agreed it should of been fixed at least a month and a half after. Which may mean the issue went farther then we all can imagine.
  2. Master
    There is multiplayer for this game? I really had no idea. Is this game any good multiplayer?
    1. Skype
      I was thinking the same thing.