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Blizzcon 2012 is a no-go

2012 hasn't had the brightest of starts with tech events after Microsoft stated that they plan to drop out of the CES as of next year, plus declaring that their own MIX, a gathering for web developers and designers, is incapable of running independently. And now this; Blizzard has proclaimed that there will not be a Blizzcon event in 2012.

Blizzcon is an annual convention held to celebrate Blizzard's three most successful franchises: Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft. However Blizzard hasn't left fans "empty handed" so to speak. A spin-off, Blizzard.net World Championship will be held this year in Blizzcon's absence. The World Championship is a global eSports event, which will feature some of the mightiest pro-gaming footage. The event will be held in Asia near the end of 2012, and will host the World of Warcraft arena and Starcraft II World championships.

The reason behind Blizzcon's shortcoming is that they have too much on their plate, i.e. their schedule is jam-packed. The hassle of setting up a major event was just too much for Blizzard, if you want to see the new releases out on time, anyway. Blizzard said they are focusing on having Diablo 3, World of Warcraft: The Mists of Pandaria and Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm out on schedule, and the convention would just delay their projects.

Blizzcon has been an annual appearance every year since 2007 so it will be a minor shock to the system for some die-hard fans. Blizzcon has been running since 2005, held in California, after skipping a year in 2006 the event took place once more in 2007 and has been running yearly ever since. However, it will make its return in 2013, Blizzard announced. Further news concerning the Blizzard.net World Championships and Blizzcon will be posted by Blizzard in the coming months.



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