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Blizzard Shuts Down Massive Non-Profit WoW Server

Nostalrius Begins - a massive but non-profit, private server hosting vanilla World of Warcraft - was shut down yesterday after threats of legal...
  1. Lulu

    World of Warcraft
    is undoubtedly one of the most widely known names in all of gaming. It's been such an influence and had such a presence in gaming that people who never even knew a thing about gaming somehow knew about World of Warcraft. Blizzard Entertainment, the company that started it all, recently brought down the wrath of copyright laws upon Nostalrius Begins, a private legacy server hosting vanilla World of Warcraft with hundreds of thousands of total players and 150,000 active players.

    This outcome wasn't totally unexpected, as players on the server and the development team behind the server admitted. The private server is not on the good side of copyright laws, but Blizzard has had a reputation of being an upstanding company, never hesitating to communicate to their fans and improve the game experience for people. Private servers that didn't monetize or steal customers from the main World of Warcraft were usually deemed harmless and left alone, but it seems that Blizzard has had a change of heart.

    Two days ago, the team behind Nostalrius received a letter of formal notice, threatening to take legal action against the team's hosting company and the developers. The notice demanded the team to shut down the server by the very next day, lest they be sued into the dirt by Blizzard Entertainment.

    Nostalrius player Ohhgee shared a bittersweet message regarding the shutdown of the server:

    Popular YouTube entertainer JonTron also spoke on the shutdown of the server, criticizing Blizzard for not allowing people to enjoy the old World of Warcraft.

    When someone hosts or plays on a private server, especially one the size of Nostalrius, the thought that it may disappear one day always looms in the back of that player's mind. Although Blizzard is well within their legal right to do what they have done, one has to wonder why they've done this.

    With recent expansions and major changes to World of Warcraft, starting with Cataclysm, then Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor, monthly subscriptions have gone down drastically. Blizzard comes under constant scrutiny about splitting off from where they started, simplifying the game until it's easy enough for everyone, and breaking away from what brought in so many fans to begin with: necessary and meaningful group play, expertly-crafted stories and characters, and some of the most memorable dungeons and raids that people still fondly remember today.

    Though Blizzard Entertainment is free to do what they wish with their intellectual property, a line was most certainly crossed here which says multiple things about the titan of a company: Blizzard Entertainment is not the same caring and passionate developer that made content based on players' wants and needs with their games years ago.

    Yesterday marked the loss of Nostalrius and with it, over three million characters, 150,000 active players, and an honest team of 30 passionate volunteers who kept the server running all that time. May it rest in peace as the monthly subscriptions in World of Warcraft keep on dropping and fans' respect for Blizzard Entertainment continues to falter.

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  1. Silly Sock
    There's a Petition on "Change " created by the makers of Nostalrius Begins asking Blizard for a policy change.

    Here's a short question quoted from the Petition: "Do you think that a policy change can be made regarding legacy servers based on volunteers work, for very old no longer supported game expansion?"

    Petiton Link:

    I have never played WoW but I can see how much it means to their community so I signed it.
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  2. Chazay
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  3. TheItalianLad
    The only reason Blizzard did this is because the game is dyeing really fast and they needed a way to bring back players so shutting this down will most likely help them out.
    1. dbzaf101
      That was probably the intention but if anything this will push away more players because it only shows to the consumers the company is focused more on profits then its fans.
  4. 3xTiNcT
    Wow, a lot of people still play that. They should of kept it up though.
  5. televisedfool
    That really sucks.. I hate how these video game companies strike down on things like this. There's a ton of video game remakes that arguably looked better then the originals that have been striked down. I can understand they don't want to lose customers but why not instead of outright crashing the party, they work with these fans and support them to allow their creation to become something even bigger and better while maybe working in a profit from it?

    As for this case it could be multiple reasons. It's no secret WoW has been losing subscribers left and right so their getting desperate. Or maybe there is something in the works with a vanilla WoW within Blizzard. I mean Runescape has done it. It's just a little odd how long they let this community grow only to now lay the hammer down.
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    2. Walteri
      Honestly, it might be just me, but I like some of the newer updates. Like WoD for example, it was a failure AND a success. I love how it's now alot easier to follow the plot, the questlines, and thus for me atleast, more fun to play. The dailies too suck, too repetitive. But then again, duh, dailies. They should change dailies to something else, not so repetitive. I don't see how back in the day leveling was fun, it was just ****** grinding with no fun whatsoever, unless you were with a friend. alone it's just bulls***. Though it's the same now too.
    3. Lulu
      And admittedly, the game has come a long way and they have made things easier and more intuitive. There's nothing necessarily wrong with it, but I can see the point that was behind going back to vanilla. Sometimes, things being easy don't make it fun. WoD is fun, I'll give it that, but there was very little sense of progression.

      I wouldn't have minded going back to vanilla to see exactly how it had changed since then. I mean, it's no secret how well the game was doing before Cataclysm and how it tanked just after. Sucks that I won't get that chance.
    4. Walteri
      Oh yeah, I'm not gonna say that you shouldn't be able to go and play vanilla, I don't actually even see the reason why they wouldn't let you. Every now and then I see people complaining about how WoD instances are so easy compared to the vanilla days. Like please, you're complaining and I bet you haven't yet completed the WoD raids on mythic, because not too high of a percentage has.
      Maybe Blizz should bring vanilla back as an optional?