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Blizzard Entertainment Releases the Prices for Overwatch's Loot Boxes

Blizzard Entertainment has released the prices of loot boxes within their recently released title, Overwatch. Along with this, competitive mode...
  1. ZoZo

    The highly-anticipated game Overwatch was released today. Blizzard Entertainment was out of the game for a decade, but they have come back with vengeance. For those who were able to get into the beta on April 15, you got a taste of the action. Now that it has been released, you can experience the full effect. Overwatch is a six versus six squad-based first person-shooter with four game modes and four character choices.

    Blizzard Entertainment has released the prices for loot boxes, which are fairly cheap. Loot boxes contain four randomly selected items which can contain anything from skins to emotes. You can also acquire loot boxes by earning XP.

    2 Loot boxes: $1.99
    5 Loot boxes: $4.99
    11 Loot boxes: $9.99
    24 Loot boxes: $19.99
    50 Loot boxes $39.99

    Loot Boxes will contain any of the following: Skins, emotes, voice lines, victory poses, and player icons. Duplicate items are bound to be an issue and Blizzard Entertainment knew this was going to happen. When you get a duplicate item the game will automatically transfer them into credits which you can use to purchase any of the items except Player Icons. You will be able to quickly customize your character to your liking and select which victory pose you would like to use after you have trampled over the opponents without the worry of receiving the same thing twice.

    Game director Jeff Kaplan was answering questions on Blizzard's Q&A on Facebook, where he announced that next month there will be a big update for the game, which will include a new game mode, "Competitive Mode." There has not been a specific date announced but it was said that this update will go live in mid-to-late June. Furthermore, there will also be a Season 2 to the Overwatch story videos, which will include Roadhog.


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  1. 3xTiNcT
    Ew, more micro transactions.
    1. Stonerzard
      These micros are fine imo. They're completely optional, and don't increase a players' chance of winning. It's like CS GO skins or Dota 2 hats, they're regarded by their respective communities as "good" micros.
  2. Loop
    bastion is broken. i can go 30-3 every match with him lol. definitely add a cool down or something to the turret
    1. Vino
      Genji, or any long range hero can make quick work of him.
    2. bloodhoundgang1
      As Vino said: Genji is a great counter for Bastion, as are Hanzo and Widowmaker.
      Vino likes this.
  3. ZoZo
    Who's ready for the new competitive game mode? I heard a lot of people are. I'd love to hear what y'all think about the new game mode.
    1. VexxVoid
      I like the casual/quick play but it'll definitely be nice to buckle down and get some legit teamwork going on in competitive.
      Scarecrow likes this.
    2. Stonerzard
      "it'll definitely be nice to buckle down and get some legit teamwork going on in competitive." Dota 2 and CS GO player here, competitive usually results in less co-oporation on games.
  4. Videogamedingus
  5. Viitri
    Nobody likes micro-transactions, but hey we get free maps and characters because of them.
    1. VexxVoid
      The thing I like most is the micro-trans are cosmetic only. Doesn't beef up the player any.
      Stonerzard likes this.
    2. K3LL0GSkid
      Haha, that's what they said about CoD drops. :wink:
      Salus likes this.
    3. Stonerzard
      Nah, that's what Activision told Treyarch. Treyarch then tells the fanbase what Activision said. The publishers are in the way of the devs in that scenario. Square Enix has a lot better reputation than Activision. I highly doubt they will go down this route, especially after Avi already ventured down it resulting in failure.
  6. Art
    Way overpriced for what you get in the boxes IMO.
      Keeley Hazell and Adam88 2nd like this.
    1. ZoZo
      That's fairly true. Let's see if they add more to these loot boxes.
  7. K3LL0GSkid
    I read the title as "overpriced loot boxes". Opps, I need glasses.
      Scarecrow likes this.
  8. ZoZo
    Vino I thought you would like to take a look at this.
  9. Salus
    1. View previous replies...
    2. Keeley Hazell
      I'm sorry but I don't think Black Ops 3 is pay to win lol. The weapons that you get from supply drops don't make you better at CoD. I think people don't really understand the meaning of "Pay to Win".
    3. Loop
      s7 Visions, pay to win is Agar.io. That game literally lets you pay to start out 15 x bigger than anyone from the start. everything in the loot boxes in OW is cosmetic. even if they added new guns for certain characters, they could just copy their stats so it would only be a cosmetic difference as well.
    4. Salus
      Yes guys exactly, 10/10 micro transactions would buy again
      Keeley Hazell likes this.
  10. Pyroman
      Scarecrow likes this.
    1. ZoZo
      Thanks man!