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Blizzard Entertainment Releases the Prices for Overwatch's Loot Boxes


The highly-anticipated game Overwatch was released today. Blizzard Entertainment was out of the game for a decade, but they have come back with vengeance. For those who were able to get into the beta on April 15, you got a taste of the action. Now that it has been released, you can experience the full effect. Overwatch is a six versus six squad-based first person-shooter with four game modes and four character choices.

Blizzard Entertainment has released the prices for loot boxes, which are fairly cheap. Loot boxes contain four randomly selected items which can contain anything from skins to emotes. You can also acquire loot boxes by earning XP.

2 Loot boxes: $1.99
5 Loot boxes: $4.99
11 Loot boxes: $9.99
24 Loot boxes: $19.99
50 Loot boxes $39.99

Loot Boxes will contain any of the following: Skins, emotes, voice lines, victory poses, and player icons. Duplicate items are bound to be an issue and Blizzard Entertainment knew this was going to happen. When you get a duplicate item the game will automatically transfer them into credits which you can use to purchase any of the items except Player Icons. You will be able to quickly customize your character to your liking and select which victory pose you would like to use after you have trampled over the opponents without the worry of receiving the same thing twice.

Game director Jeff Kaplan was answering questions on Blizzard's Q&A on Facebook, where he announced that next month there will be a big update for the game, which will include a new game mode, "Competitive Mode." There has not been a specific date announced but it was said that this update will go live in mid-to-late June. Furthermore, there will also be a Season 2 to the Overwatch story videos, which will include Roadhog.

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