Blizzard Entertainment Hiring for Unannounced Diablo Project

Blizzard Entertainment is currently looking for an art director to help assist with an unannounced project. It is speculated that this project...
  1. Inkd

    Most will agree that Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo III was an instant success. It has sold more than thirty-million copies since its initial release in May 2012. According to a recently spotted job listing, Blizzard Entertainment is currently looking for an art director to help assist with an unannounced project. It is speculated that this project will either be a new Diablo III expansion pack, or possibly even a completely different title in the Diablo series. Either way, this project will be revolving around the Diablo series.

    Last week at Gamescom, Blizzard Entertainment announced expansions regarding almost all of their titles. We learned about an upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, and in addition to that, we saw new footage of Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void's Allied Commander co-op mode, and newly announced Heroes of the Storm characters. However, not a single word was mentioned about the beloved Diablo series. If the developers do plan on announcing a new Diablo game this year, then it will most likely be done at their very own Blizzcon in November. What kind of announcement would you like to see? A second expansion in Diablo III, or a new game in the series?


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  1. bulletbutter
    I'd have to say a D2 remake (or hell, even a D1+D2 remake)or nothing as far as that franchise goes. They have really screwed up Diablo 3 from launch. While they have made massive improvements, I highly doubt they are capable of making anything close to what D2 was...unless it is a remake.

    Another xpac for D3, for me, will be kinda meh. I might buy into it but I won't be a day 1 kinda guy. Been burned by blizzard far too many times and I have little faith in any of their projects. I love the Diablo franchise, but everything about D3 drives me nuts. The itemization, the spells/abilities, gameplay mechanics, animations.....feels like a giant departure in the completely wrong direction. Despite that I was able to get each class to max level and only had about 2 decently geared chars but gave up trying to outfit them when the patches started changing too much and "breaking" my chars.

    As a long time Diablo fan, I am severely disappointed with how D3 turned out. The developers let the fans down big time. If they were to make something like a D4, I don't think the fans will receive it too well because of what happened with D3.
  2. laynl0w
    I can't wait for someone new to come out in this series
  3. Mister Whiskers
    Id love to see a Diablo II HD Remake.
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    1. Paronisis
      Omfg yes!
    2. Mister Whiskers
      Right it would be awesome!