Blade & Soul "Unchained" Content Update on March 2

The long-awaited Warlock class as well as the notorious Naryu Labyrinth are coming up in Blade & Soul's latest content update. Also coming up is...
  1. Feyfolken
    NCSOFT and Team Bloodlust have been translating content from the other regions in which Blade & Soul is released in and they're doing it at an extremely fast pace. Blade & Soul was released to the public in North America and Europe on January 19, with additional endgame content being released not even a month later. Like a well-oiled machine, Team Bloodlust has just announced that a new update, titled Unchained, will be released on March 2. This update will include the final round of content before the level 50 expansion is localized, which contains a substantial amount of new content for players as well as a new class called Warlock.

    Though the rest of the content will likely be overshadowed by the heavily demanded Warlock class being released, the remainder of this upcoming update is nothing to scoff at. For players following the main story, you'll know how things stand with the main antagonists and what is likely next for players. Unchained will unlock the eighth floor of Mushin's Tower, where Mushin himself invites the player to duel him. The floors currently released in this update have provided challenge enough for most players, with a lot of players not even coming close to beating the seventh floor, but taking on the realm's god of martial arts is certain to prove a veritable task.

    Unchained will also come with the Naryu Labyrinth dungeon, a fan-favorite from servers in other regions. Naryu Labyrinth contains a "randomized, winding path" where players will not be able to rely on repetition to get them through the dungeon. Although this dungeon will change every time and offer a different experience each time a player runs through it, they will always find themselves facing off against the final bosses of the dungeons: Fujin and Raijin, the gods of wind and thunder respectively.


    If you've been playing Blade & Soul since it released, you've undoubtedly heard about the Warlock class from someone who played the game on another region's server. Warlocks are intended for mid-range combat, as they are a ranged class and use spells. Unique to this class, however, is the ability to summon ghastly companions that will help the Warlock in solo and party play. With an arsenal of dark spells, debilitating incantations, and the ability to create ominous companions at will, it's no wonder why Warlocks have been so highly anticipated on both North America and Europe's servers.

    Blade & Soul Unchained will release in North America and Europe on March 2.


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  1. Tentative
    I have to play this game on the second worst graphic setting because otherwise I have 2 frames in 6-Player Dungeons T.T

    Really love the game though, looking forward to another playthrough with the new class :smile:
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    2. Tentative
      That's sad, would have loved to play :biggrin:
      Anyway, I hope you will have loads of fun with the update as well ^^
    3. Feyfolken
      I'll share all my Warlock secrets with you. :wink:

      There is actually a post on Blade & Soul's site that shares some tips on the class, in case you haven't seen it:
    4. Tentative
      Thank you kindly, that means I won't be completely useless when I start playing Warlock ^^
  2. deebug96
    When they originally announced the update, it was for March the 3rd. It find it interesting though it may be been a typo, but Archeage has new content coming up and March 2nd is also the release date for Black Desert.

    I am excited for the update myself. I can wait to get my Thunder God, Wind God, Solar Eclipse, and Lunar Eclipse outfits which are drops from the dungeon. I'm also looking forward for the Wizard class.
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    1. televisedfool
      Speaking of Black Desert..

      I have a beta code I'm not using if someone wants it.
  3. TheItalianLad
    This game looks fun but the fact that it is a korean mmorpg makes me not want to get it. I prefer the american games :smile:
    1. Feyfolken
  4. fokeiro
    they dont do it out of need, all this content is already created a long time ago for the Asians servers, so instead of releasing the game how is on Asia now, they just releasing it on parts back to back to match the Asian servers version.
    1. Feyfolken
      Yes, I played the game on Chinese and Russian servers.
  5. Arxhive
    I love this game. Haven't been able to get into it so well with my potato of a PC.
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    1. Feyfolken
      I know!!!!!! I want so badly to run this game at maximum settings, but it's pretty intensive and my PC is not up to par. Don't even get me started on the open world bosses, man. ~80 players fighting Blackwyrm and I get like 5 FPS.
  6. televisedfool
    It's good to see them pumping out content. They need to if they want to keep the game fresh and to compete with the other big MMOs.