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Blade & Soul Silverfrost Mountains Expansion Releases Wednesday

What developer NCSOFT is referring to as Blade & Soul's largest expansion has been localized and is releasing to all players in North America and...
  1. Lulu

    Blade & Soul
    has quickly become one of the top free-to-play MMORPGs since it launched in North America and Europe in January of this year. Within its first week, NCSOFT announced that it had already reached over one million unique users playing Blade & Soul, despite login queues and initial server maintenance. Since then, many updates from the later builds released in China and Korea have been localized and released to players to expand on the endgame content for players outside of those regions. In NCSOFT's latest news post, they have announced that the largest expansion released in the game's original regions is now coming over to North America and Europe this Wednesday, just two days from now. This news comes mere days after NCSOFT made other posts on the official Blade & Soul website detailing some of the dungeons being added by the Silverfrost Mountains expansion.

    Once Silverfrost Mountains launches on Wednesday, the level cap will be increased to 50 while Hongmoon levels will open up to 10, making for an effective level cap of 60. The next chapter in the main quest will unlock, as will the ability to travel to Silverfrost Mountains, a snowy and mountainous landscape home to the most dangerous factions and creatures in the entire game. But where there is danger, there is almost always loot.

    Silverfrost Mountains will increase the total number of available dungeons by at least eight, with five expert (blue) dungeons and three heroic (purple) dungeons, essentially doubling what is currently available for players who have reached level 45. Similar to what was added in the "Rising Waters" expansion in February, players can expect to find 24-man dungeons (open world raids) as Frostscale Basin and Beastbog provide brand new enemies and challenges for huge groups of skilled players. As has been the case with dungeons, players can expect to find their respective class weapons and accessories within these new dungeons, further adding on to the item progression and weapons they have evolved since the beginning of the game.

    A new capital city named Zaiwei will serve as the main hub for players in Silverfrost Mountains, being the new home for crafting, merchants, and the social aspects of finding groups and clans of other players.

    Lastly, Soulstone Plains will be the next main battleground for players' PvP needs. Though full details have yet to be revealed for what new additions to faction-based PvP this expansion will hold, Soulstone Plains will have objectives for factions to hold and defend and players can expect to receive more rewards for taking part in PvP once this expansion rolls out.

    Patch notes, livestreams, and additional content previews will be available as time goes on, but players will not have to wait long before they are able to dive into this massive expansion. Silverfrost Mountains will be available to all Blade & Soul players in North America and Europe on Wednesday, March 23.

    [Blade & Soul Official Website]

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  1. 3xTiNcT
    That was pretty quick it seems like.
  2. televisedfool
    Nice to see them keeping the game fresh with content, even if it's not brand new content created from scratch.
    1. Chazay
      What are you talking about? They arnt copying assets from other games.
    2. televisedfool
      It's the same content that's already out in other regions in the game.

      Nothing "new" about it either then it's been redone for western release. So yes, the content is mostly copy & paste.
      Feyfolken likes this.
  3. Chazay
    The game has been out for a few weeks and they're already releasing an x-pack?
    1. Lulu
      It's been out in China and Korea. The localization team has been working on basically redoing the game in English from Chinese, I believe. They're not totally recreating the content, but they have been changing and updating things to better suit western gamers as well as translating text, interfaces, and everything else that would need to be translated.
    2. Red58
      Sometimes people run out of fapping material very quickly.