Black Ops III Zombies Map ‘The Giant’ Gets a New Trailer

Sony kicked off their Paris Games Week press conference with a reveal of their new trailer for the Black Ops III Zombies map 'The Giant'. The...
By Aydind · Oct 29, 2015 · Updated Oct 31, 2015
  1. Aydind

    Sony kicked off their Paris Games Week press conference with a reveal of their new trailer for the Black Ops III Zombies map 'The Giant'. The Giant will be a featured map for Black Ops 3 on current generation consoles and PC. Its announcement caused fans to go wild when they found out it was going to be a continuation of the famous Call of Duty: World at War Zombies map, Der Riese.

    Following The Giant's reveal, Treyarch explained that the map would allow players to pick up the storyline where it left off, and will be including old characters such as Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and meddling German scientist Doctor Edward Richtofen. Treyarch released gameplay of the The Giant as a treat to all those zombie fans awaiting the release of Black Ops 3. The following trailer was revealed at the start of the Sony Paris Games Week press conference, as Treyarch unveiled sneak peeks of the soon to be Zombies map.

    Players of this map will have to force their way through hordes of yellow-eyed zombies to stay alive, with the addition of savage wolf enemies trying to stop them dead in their tracks, therefore creating a great challenge for Black Ops 3 players. Although it may be a difficult feat, players will have plenty of weapons available in order to slay all of the undead enemies. With all these features comes another, and that is the return of the pack-a-punch machine, which allows players to upgrade their weapons and have a much easier time killing zombies.

    The Giant will be available to play on current generation and PC once Black Ops 3 hits stores on November 16th, 2015. But will unfortunately not be making its way to last gen. The map will be available on day one for those who have purchased the game's season pass, or for those who have bought the Black Ops 3 Collector's Edition, which comes with a ‘Juggernog’ mini-fridge.


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  1. Destiny
    The game comes out on November 6th. And you can also get "The Giant" if you get the Hardened Edition through Game Stop.
  2. 3xTiNcT
    Can't wait for my juggernog edition.
  3. TheItalianLad
    I want this game mainly for the zombies! Looks so good!!
    1. The Wangdoodle
  4. Chazay
    inb4 the kids complain its not on last gen
  5. Ms Skizzy
    My balls are starting to tingle again! :x3:
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  6. Deadpool
    I'll play it until 9pm on Nov 9th. Then Fallout 4 will consume me.
  7. televisedfool
    Treyarch is such an amazing developer.. I wonder what they would be capable of if they made their own game and not more CoD.
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    2. atomikbeast
      lol treyarch is by far not the best developer
    3. Salus
      I think he meant for cod lol^^
    4. atomikbeast
      yeah i know they suck *** as a developer
  8. Poisonous
    Trailer looks amazing! Can't wait for zombies.
  9. Luca24hr
    only 8 days!
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    2. Luca24hr
      whats you time zone? I want bo 3 early!
    3. Big Foot
      Mountain time or something, i did a conversion for the when they say release is (12:01 EST) which is like 10pm my time, also something about how new zealand techinally gets it first due to there time zone, whole 12hours ahead of us or something
    4. Luca24hr
      i was gonna do that but you cant change you region back you have too wait 3 months