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Black Ops III Zombies and Special Editions Officially Announced


Nazi Zombies is one of the main features that make gamers keep coming back to the Call of Duty franchise. Prior to today, we did not know much information about the zombies mode in Black Ops III. Luckily, today was the official unveiling of the zombies and special editions of the game.

The first thing that was shown at the event was the all-new zombies map, Shadows of Evil. Shadows of Evil takes place in Morg City, a fictional 1940’s city that somewhat resembles Chicago. Morg City is described to have “a theater district, jazz clubs, and a suspension railway.” If the map is anything like Green Run from Black Ops II, these could possibly be areas that can be played separately.

The characters of the new map are Femme Fatal, The Magician, The Cop, and The Boxer. Femme Fatal is the only female out of the new cast. She is an attractive girl who works as a dancer in an upscale night club. She uses her job and looks to play with the emotions of men, “manipulating their weaknesses and desires for her own ends.” The Magician is a wealthy man, but he is very arrogant. The Cop, who is played by Neal Mcdonough, is a dirty cop that has ties with mobsters. He is a ”likely suspect in a department wide corruption investigation.” Finally The Boxer often cheats and fights dirty. In his fights “he wasn’t just looking to win, he was looking to cause damage.”

In addition to the new map and characters, there also appears some significant gameplay changes in Shadows of Evil. For starters, tentacles seem to be a common theme of this map. There is a tentacle monster that is likely the map’s boss. There is also a new power-up that gives players tentacles as weapons. Additionally, it looks like there are a lot of new weapons and perks will now be consumed in the form of gumballs. Finally, there will be an entirely new XP-based progression system.

Shadows of Evil isn’t the only map coming to Black Ops III zombies. The Giant is a revamped version of Der Riese that includes the original four characters. This is more than just a return to a fan-favorite map, as it will also answer a lot of questions about the storyline of Nazi Zombies. A Redditor, who was allegedly at the event, described the trailer:

“CGI trailer showed o4 [original four]. They triedd [sic] stopping ritchtophen [sic] from opening a telleporter [sic]. Origins richtophen [sic] comes out of the teleporter and kills richtophen [sic]. They are all in their origins gear.”

Unfortunately, The Giant will only be available as DLC through special editions of the game. The lowest special tier is the GameStop-exclusive hardened edition. This version comes with “Limited Edition Specialist Concept Art Cards, The Giant bonus map, collectible Steelbook™, Weaponized 115 Personalization Pack, Cyborg Personalization Pack, and the official Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Soundtrack.” The next tier is the Digital Deluxe version which doesn’t include any of the real-life merchandise. Finally, there is a Juggernog edition that comes with a Juggernog mini-fridge, perk-a-cola coasters, and all of the content from the hardened edition. All of these versions will be for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. PC gamers, however, will only be able to buy the digital deluxe version.

Watch the new Shadows of Evil trailer below:

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