Black Ops III Nuketown Bonus Map Won't Be Included in All Pre-Orders

Fans of Treyarch's Call of Duty Black Ops series are more than likely fans of the iconic Nuketown map as well. Unfortunately for those who have...
  1. Aydind
    Activision has confirmed that the new Black Ops III bonus map will not be included with all pre-orders despite Activision's marketing claims. Nuketown will be available in physical copies bought from GAME or by purchasing digital copies from PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. The map will not be available to others until Spring of 2016. The exclusive deal was spotted on a UK shopping site until the most recent trailer stated that GAME deal content applies to physical or boxed copies of Black Ops III Standard edition on PS4, Xbox One and PC only. The GAME exclusive is set to end in the Spring of 2016.

    Activision's official website originally stated that the bonus map will be available on all pre-order copies of Black Ops III. This statement changed after the recent Nuketown trailer that was released publicly not too long ago. Nuketown is considered one of the most prestigious maps in all of Call of Duty history. It's the most popular out of all the maps within the Black Ops map pools. The map was originally created for the first Black Ops in 2010, and was later remade for Black Ops II. Nuketown will be making its third return in a Call of Duty game.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops III will be available on November 6th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. What do you think of the sudden change? Will you still be buying the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Ub3rBisonCamp3r
    Hacker Swag Bruh I am pown master
  2. DevStudios935
    Well, if I purchased it and I was promised the Nuk3town dlc map... I would go to court against them for false advertisement...
  3. Razor sean
    Well that's means I'm extremely lucky. I'm getting the game in a few days, therefore I tried a Social Engineering method with their customer support to get a Nuk3town code because I knew I wasn't going to receive it with my copy, and I'm surprised I even got one considering that in the method I lied to them about pre ordering it from Amazon.
  4. Inxlinx
    Must be a UK thing, because all copies I have at my GameStop has Nuketown included even if you didn't pre-order. Perhaps the author should put a UK on the title so it's not misleading.
  5. sixty4
    Nuketown is a nice map, but I can play it on Black Ops 2. I rather focus on the new maps then reskins of older ones.
  6. xeroxmodz
    I didn't even pre-order just bought it today and it came included.
    I got the Juggernog edition from Amazon and it came with the Nuketown map. Maybe it's just cause I got the limited edition.
    1. Stonerzard
      Probably, they should just sell them. Mini fridges and even massive sizes too. Hell, I'd buy all of em!
  8. Salus
    I've never heard of GAME...
    1. View previous replies...
      Its a game shop in the UK
    3. Stonerzard
      It's in Europe, not just the UK.
      They also tried in australia but no one went there as we already had ebgames
  9. Vegeta
    they are just playing bants with us
  10. Four Quid
    I pre-ordered from Amazon, So I wont get Nuketown. I'm honestly not that bothered by it, I'd rather play new maps than going back to old ones anyway. Unless they somehow bring back some MW2 maps, that might be different.
      Salus likes this.