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Black Ops 2 and More Join Special Microsoft Store Deal

As part of a freshly unveiled deal from the otherwise so-called "stingy corporation," Microsoft is offering a hefty deal for those who purchase promotion friendly games from now until November 19th. Those that physically purchase qualifying games, or order it through a Mircosoft Store website, will snag a 10 dollar coupon and a valuable 1600 Mircosoft Points card, a 20 dollar value. The coupon and MSP card will arrive after the initial order has been shipped, so do not expect to reap the promotion benefits after excitedly tearing through postal service casings unless certain terms are modified.

The entire list of games that are currently part of Microsoft's promotion can be browsed below:

Assassin's Creed 3

Borderlands 2

Black Ops 2

Resident Evil 6

NBA 2K13

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Kinect Sesame Street TV

Forza Horizon

FIFA Soccer 13

Fable: Journey


Dance Central 3

Will you be partaking in this Microsoft deal, or will you rather enjoy other pre-order or puchase bonuses elsewhere?View the Post on the Blog
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