Black Ops 1 is Now Available on Xbox One Through Backwards Compatibility

After much speculation and anticipation, Black Ops 1 is finally given the backwards compatibility treatment. With a surge in popularity imminent,...
  1. Casp
    Ah, I remember the days of playing Black Ops 1 with my friends. The advent of my Call of Duty and Xbox 360 days, being terrible at multiplayer and zombies with my friends are memories that I hold close to my heart. Whenever I pop in my Black Ops 1 disc and start rushing around with my Commando on Summit, it always brings back the fond memories of my seventh grade self screaming and laughing into the mic with my buds. Five-and-a-half years later and that's all they are; memories. All of my friends have moved on to Xbox One, and I'm still chugging away on the 360, screaming at Mason to understand what the numbers mean and occasionally running into someone using a godmode class on multiplayer. I run around Launch shooting at randoms and playing just to call back to those perfect seventh grade experiences. For me, and perhaps for many others as well, Black Ops 1 on the 360 has turned into a rather empty experience; a shell of what it used to be.

    Well, good news for me and for the rest of the Black Ops 1 nostalgia crowd has arrived! Black Ops 1 has been added to the list of titles that will be backwards compatible on Xbox One! Now it's more than possible to relive those memories with your friends. Kick back, relax, and enjoy a surge in popularity of what is considered to be one of the better Call of Duty games in existence. The best part is that the game will continue to run on Xbox 360 servers, which means you will lose none of the progress you climbed to achieve back when the game was released. That also means that people with godmode classes and recoveries will continue to run around, but with the rise in players the game will receive, the surge of reports coming from the Xbox One end will surely be noticed by Microsoft.

    As with all games that are backwards compatible, you must already have a copy of the game in order to play it, be it a physical or a digital copy. If it's a digital copy, it should already be available in your Games Library. All DLC packs are still available to purchase through the Xbox One Store if you do not already have them, and if you do, they will be carried over and will be available for immediate play. It'll bring back all the fond memories from five years in the past, but with a large makeover and polish thanks to the Xbox One's more advanced technology. Major Nelson confirms it here:

    Black Ops 1's backwards compatibility has been speculated for a while, but now it's arrived and it's glorious. Many have been looking forward to this and have been squirming in anticipation. The 2010 nostalgia is going to barge its way back, and it's going to be better than ever. After I finish this article, I'm likely going to annoy my friends and make them play some Ascension with me. What are your plans for Black Ops 1? Do you think this is a good decision on Microsoft's part? Do you think other Call of Duty games are going to receive the same treatment? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Ub3rBisonCamp3r
    Will you allowed to use ocntent you downloaded from market place on the xbox one or are you going to need to buy more DLCs again?
  2. Ub3rBisonCamp3r
    this is great news!
  3. NukeColaMoDz
    Original disk can be used?
      Keeley Hazell likes this.
    1. II{-_-}II
      Yes with a 7.7 gb update.
    2. Keeley Hazell
      They can be used but it works better if you own the digital copy. I have a brand new disk and I had to reset my Xbox like 5 times just to get it to install lol.
    3. Salus
      My disc works just fine
  4. Endding
    Why so close to overwatch

    ffs :frown:
  5. hoopsure
    The questions is, when will it be backwards compatible for PS4... Hmmmm.... :tongue:
    1. OverLord Beaner
      i dont think so
  6. Inxlinx
    And GameStop just raised their prices this morning from $9.99 to $17.99. I knew it was bound to happen with all the popularity now.
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    2. Keeley Hazell
      Oh okay gotcha.. It's ironic I bought this game for $5 the other day at Gamestop for PS3 than like 2 days later it came out for Xbox One :biggrin: haha. The CoD God heard my prayers
    3. II{-_-}II
      Basic supply and demand. More people want it, but there's only a limited amount of discs since they aren't being made anymore. Not surprised it's cheaper digital.
    4. zlReborn
      Are you for real bro.. I was planning to get it today.
  7. Viitri
    If I'm a glitched prestige do you think I'll get reported because of all the new players?
    1. zlReborn
      Probably bro
  8. eXiiL3
    I bought an Xbox one last night regarding this news just to play it. I've always played ps4 until now:smile:
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    2. FrazzleFrazer
      haha! In my personal opinion, block ops 1 isn't worth that much :tongue:
    3. eXiiL3
      ill do more than play black ops on it, but that convinced me to go ahead and get one. Ps4 isn't doing any backwards compatible games that are worth anything. I'm hoping they'll bring back mw2 as well
    4. Keeley Hazell
      I would've done the same thing if I had the money lol. Was considering buying a PS4 just for Uncharted 4 lol.
  9. zlReborn
    YES!!!! Finally something good
  10. OverLord Beaner
    The heavens have opened up and the light of god is shineing down on us praise the lord!!!!! ps maybe mw2 too?