Rumor Bioshock Collection May Be Coming This November

Earlier today, a South African retailer named Raru put up a listing for the Bioshock Collection. This is very unexpected considering we have...
  1. Crooks
    Earlier today, a South African retailer named Raru put up a listing for the Bioshock Collection. This is very unexpected considering we have received no news whatsoever talking about a Bioshock Collection. The retailer in question is notorious for leaking upcoming titles and items early, from leaking the release date for the Mewtwo Amiibo to the release date for Mario Maker. Although they got the Mario Maker release date wrong by 2 weeks or so, they were spot on when they revealed that the Mewtwo Amiibo would be released on October 23rd, 2015.

    The retailer didn't give out any information about what this collection would exactly include, in fact, they didn't give out any information other than the release date. Judging by other games that have received remastered versions onto the Xbox One and PS4, it would be safe to assume that the Bioshock Collection would at least include the main games throughout the series but other side ventures such as Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea shouldn't be left out.

    Raru has listed the release date as November 27th, 2015. Judging by the retailers past, it would be wise to take this leak as more than just a grain of salt. What do you think? Would you buy a Bioshock Collection for the Xbox One and PS4? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. Kabal
    I probably will buy it just to replay the first bioshock. I haven't played that game in years good memories hopefully it's real.
  2. coolbunnymodz
    Hoping for a remastered version, as I probably love Bioshock second only to Atlas.
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    1. Flater
  3. VinnyHaw
    Already own the collection on steam. I don't see the need to buy this.
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  4. Atlas
    Knowing me I would invest in a BioShock Collection, but later down the road when the price of it would come down. In the meantime I would just play the ones I have on 360. If new content was added in WITH the collection, you bet I'd buy it upon release.
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    2. ProJimmyRustler
      2k Being on board with backwards compatibility has nothing to do with them making a Remastered game.
      There is money to be made with a HD remaster.
    3. Salus
      The article doesn't mention a remaster, a collection and remaster are 2 different things
    4. ProJimmyRustler
      I'm getting why you seem to be against the idea?
      In Halo master chief collection, collection being the important word here, All games got a graphics bump.
      Same for Borderlands.
  5. Pyroman
    I would love to play Bioshock on the Xbox one! Hopefully this isn't just a rumour!
  6. Skype
    I just am now getting into Bioshock. If they do, I will pick it up if it comes out. :smile:
  7. Salus
    Considering 2k is on board with backwards compatibility I don't see a point to buying them all over again
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