Next week is looking good for players of The Division, as developer Ubisoft has announced a big update to the game, scheduled for Monday, December 4. Update 1.8 will add a bunch of new content, from new game modes to a map expansion and more.

Two new modes are included in the patch: Resistance--a "PVE horde mode activity"--and Skirmish, which is a "4v4 PVP mode that emphasizes close-quarters combat and gunplay. The map expansion, meanwhile, comes over on the left-hand portion of Manhattan. It's called West Side Pier, though we don't yet know what the environment will contain.

Weapon hunters can look forward to three new exotic weapons--the Big Alejandro LMG, Devil and Heel MMR pair, and House SMG--and a new system called Gear Optimization allows you to "spend D-Tech to upgrade weapon/gear statistics to maximum." Finally, the game's Underground Agents are being revamped to add new Directives, Check Points, Hunters, and chances for classified gear, while "Rogue 2.0" will bring a "voluntary rogue toggle for PVP flagging" aimed at rebalancing the Dark Zone.

The update is scheduled for December 4, though Ubisoft says it will not include the in-progress Xbox One X patch. That is coming at a later date, the company says.

Ubisoft continues to support The Division, over 18 months after its launch. The game's most recent big update added new customization options, Global Events, and a bunch of other improvements. You can read more about The Division's 1.7 update here.

Source: GameSpot