Rockstar has detailed the next big update for Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer component, Red Dead Online, and it's coming soon. The update arrives on December 13 and introduces a slew of new content to the online game, headlined by a new Frontier Pursuit, the Moonshiner.

The Moonshiner is a new Specialist Role that Traders can choose. As you'd expect, this role deals in the illicit activity of running your own bootlegging business. As a Moonshiner, you'll gradually learn new techniques to perfect your moonshine, compete with rival bootleggers, and potentially even open your own speakeasy.

To embark down the Moonshiner path, you'll first need to have completed a Trader sell mission or reached rank 5. Once you've met either criteria, you'll be introduced to Maggie Fike, who Rockstar describes as "an experienced bootlegger with the scars to prove it." You can begin your career as a Moonshiner by purchasing a Moonshining Shack, which will serve as your base of operations.

As usual, the Moonshiner pursuit comes with its own unique story missions, which can be completed either solo or cooperatively with another player. As you progress down the path, you'll also learn new recipes and techniques and even have the chance to open a customizable bar. You can read more details about the upcoming Moonshiner role on Rockstar's official blog.

The Moonshiner pursuit isn't the only new content coming as part of Red Dead Online's December 13 update. Rockstar hasn't shared many more details yet on what the patch will entail, but the developer teases there will also be a new weapon--the Navy Revolver--as well as Outlaw Pass No. 2, new clothing options, and more.

Source: GameSpot