Rainbow Six Siege has been undergoing a substantial overhaul since earlier this summer, and today Ubisoft detailed the game's next big update. Title Update 2.2.2 is launching tomorrow, and it's designed to set the stage for even bigger changes coming later.

The update's most significant tweaks are to how multiplayer servers work. After the patch goes live, custom matches will have lower requirements for being hosted on dedicated servers. Currently, custom matches must have a full lobby within ten minutes of starting a match to get dedicated servers, otherwise they'll be hosted peer-to-peer. The patch makes it so that you only need two players in a match to get dedicated servers. This will make for a more stable online experience; however, it also means that player-hosted online lobbies aren't possible anymore.

New vaulting animation

Ubisoft is also transitioning Terrorist Hunt to dedicated servers to prevent host migration interruptions. In addition, there's a new voice chat system in the works--also with dedicated servers--that's meant to provide clearer communication and to use less bandwidth. This is coming to PC first and consoles later.

Further, the update changes the vaulting animation to better reflect where the vaulter is aiming after he or she jumps. Previously, there was lag time between when a person landed from a vault and when the character model would show where they were aiming.

There are a lot of bug fixes and tweaks coming in the update, as well, and you can see the full list at the bottom of this article. Ubisoft also shared a couple of new features coming in Season 3, including better servers, the removal of peer-to-peer hosting, and LAN mode on PS4.


  • FIXED--Players are able to place Valkyrie's Black Eye cameras in a location that provides visibility of the entire Bank map.
  • FIXED--Nitro Cells deal no damage when they are thrown against certain types of metal beams.
  • FIXED--In some cases, wall reinforcement debris remain floating after being destroyed.
  • FIXED--Laser sights reduce the pellet spread of Shotguns.

Secure Area

  • FIXED--Securing can be interrupted by stepping over debris.

Caster Camera

  • FIXED--Spectating a player moving through the basement of Oregon forces floor switches.
  • FIXED--Visual Operator placement glitch when switching from first to third person.
  • FIXED--Metallic doors appear orange on Bank.

Custom Game

  • FIXED--Data Centers selected by the host is changed when the Dedicated Match begins.


  • FIXED--X-KAIROS destruction does not affect the main section of wall reinforcements.
  • FIXED--X-KAIROS pellets can leave floating reinforcement debris.


  • FIXED--Glaz's gadget does not always show enemies when looking through specific angles through windows.


  • FIXED--Yokai Drone fails to stick to the ceiling in the Garage of Bank.


  • FIXED--Carrying the hostage on 2F service stairs causes the hostage to clip through the wall.
  • FIXED--Walls on the East and South sides of 2F Break Room are indestructible.
  • FIXED--Animation loop when approaching the refrigerator in Cafeteria.
  • FIXED--The wall in B Storage Room is missing a reinforcement interaction.


  • FIXED--Black Eye's vision can be blocked by metal bars above the server racks due to missing collision.
  • FIXED--Players do not take any damage through EXT High Roof bars.


  • FIXED--Attackers are able to climb onto the pink canvas on the top of the building.
  • FIXED--Breaching charges placed in 2F VIP Lounge will not break the floor.
  • FIXED--Operators clip through the environment in 2F Penthouse.
  • FIXED--Rubber banding occurs when entering through the EXT Cantina drone vent.
  • FIXED--Players are able to clip through the environment to access unreachable areas.


  • FIXED--Players are able to use a shield vaulting exploit to spawn kill Attackers.
  • FIXED--Gadgets cannot be placed in CG2F Radio.
  • FIXED--Drones remain floating in the air when they jump into the water.
  • FIXED--When placing a gadget on some walls, the lighting becomes brighter.
  • FIXED--Players are able to vault into unintended areas.


  • FIXED--Rubber banding occurs after vaulting through the windows on EXT South Balcony.
  • FIXED--Players are able to melee through a wood panel near East Stairs to clearly see the southern door.
  • FIXED--Players are able to be killed through an unbreachable walls by going prone on furniture in 2F Fountain.


  • FIXED--Twitch's drone gets destroyed when passing by a rock on EXT Cliffside woods.


  • FIXED--A wall in Geisha Room is able to be reinforced from both sides.
  • FIXED--Rubber banding occurs when passing between the hostage and the table in 1F Kitchen.
  • FIXED--Players can remain stuck after vaulting onto the bar.


  • FIXED--When going prone in 2F Bathroom, players will partially clip through the wall.

  • FIXED--Inviting a player through the Uplay PC client prior to launching the game will not add them to the squad.
  • FIXED--Twitch's Jeanne d'Arc headgear has low-res textures.
  • FIXED – The price of the Capitao Loreto Set is incorrect on the Xbox One.
  • FIXED – Some of Mute’s headgear appear to have a low level of detail.
  • FIXED – NVIDIA Surround option only displays the game on a single monitor.
  • FIXED – Rank icons do not always refresh for all party members.
  • FIXED – 9x19VSN Kabuto skin clipping error.
  • FIXED – Flag of Japan charm has a flickering texture.
  • FIXED – Waiting for teammates and waiting for squad messages do not always appear as intended.
  • FIXED – Fudgy Bunny appears with a low level of detail.
  • FIXED – Some skins on the SMG-11 have a low level of detail.
  • FIXED – A typo is present in the Czech subtitles of Kapkan’s intro video.
  • FIXED – Watch Dogs charm has anti-aliasing glitches.
  • FIXED – Some players are unable to interact with the scoreboard.
  • FIXED – Operators from the previous match are sometimes shown in the scoreboard prior to entering the Operator selection screen.

Source: GameSpot