PUBG Corp. and Tencent have released a new update for the mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Update 0.4.0 is now available to download on both iOS and Android, and it's a fairly big one, introducing an assortment of gameplay adjustments and a couple of new modes.

One of the new features arriving in the update is Arcade, a 28-player mode that can be joined either solo or with friends. Each match in Arcade mode randomly chooses one of six possible variations, which put some sort of twist on the gameplay; one variation, for instance, limits the weapon selection to a specific type, while another grants players access to all weapons and items.

In addition to Arcade, the developers have added a Training Grounds mode to PUBG Mobile. This is only available solo and lets players practice with weapons and items before jumping into a match with others. You can see a screenshot of the Training Grounds below.

Beyond the new modes, the update makes a variety of gameplay adjustments. The following function has been added to the mobile version, which can be used before parachuting and after landing on the map. Additionally, players now have the option to enable automatic door opening in the settings. The developers have also added new animations when your character is attacked and defeated.

There are numerous other tweaks in the new update, which you can read about in the full patch notes below. In related news, Tencent has also announced it will begin banning cheaters in the mobile version of PUBG. Players who are found "using software or additional hardware to gain an unfair advantage" will be banned from the game "effective immediately."

PUBG Mobile Update 0.4.0 Patch Notes

Arcade Mode
  • 28 player mode, with each match taking on one of 6 variations.
  • 6 variations: Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Pistols, all weapons, melee only, and item heaven.
Training Grounds
  • Try out items, weapons, and practice your shooting skills.
Combat Optimization
  • Follow function has been added, can be used before parachuting and after landing.
  • Automatic door opening can now be enabled in settings.
  • Pause time between picking up multiple items has been adjusted.
  • The teammate elimination icon now disappears after some time.
  • Adjusted sound effects for footsteps, UI, vehicles, and entering /exiting the Blue Zone.
  • Jumping is no longer affected by sprinting.
  • The crosshair is no longer blocked by the camera when standing next to a wall.
  • 4X and 8X issues with choppiness have been resolved.
  • New animations for being attacked and defeated have been added.
  • Improved firing animations.
  • Leaning improvements: movement and animation speed increased, "Lean & Open Scope" and "Lean & Fire" have been added.
  • Enhanced combat experience: shake/vibration improved, button feedback improved, animations while being attacked have been improved and randomized.
  • Camera perspective now switches after death to the player who delivered the killing blow.
Vehicle Improvements
  • Motorcycles now have flipping tricks
  • Added Nitrous Oxide engine to cars.
  • Previously used vehicles are now be marked on the minimap.
Voice Chat Optimization
  • Fixed an issue that caused voice chat to stop working after creating a group.
  • Fixed crashing issues that have been reported by some players.
  • Improved Bluetooth headset issues in iOS (optimization on this is on-going).
  • Fixed an issue occurring with Android phones, that was not properly displaying an error when the game did not have access to a microphone.
  • Voice chat is now supported by more devices.
UI Improvements
  • Added a new background, Dusk
  • Players can now swap between a 2 column and 3 column view when opening crates.
  • Added 3D touch firing options for iOS.
  • Results screen: added a performance chart, daily reward limits are now shown.
In-game Shop
  • Rank 1 coupons now available.
  • Items & cheats now available.
  • New outfits now available (region-specific outfit will be available soon!)
  • Duplicate outfits can now be destroyed for currency to purchase new items.

Source: GameSpot