After a lengthy beta, PS4's latest system software update is now available to everyone. Version 5.50 is a mandatory update that weighs in at 460 MB, and it brings new organizational features, additional parental controls, and a new supersampling option for PS4 Pro.

Sony says that option will "improve image quality in some games when your PS4 Pro is connected to a TV with 2K resolution or lower," though it won't help if you have a standard PS4. The new parental controls, meanwhile, allow parents or guardians to monitor your child's playtime and set restrictions on that. You can also prevent your child from playing at certain hours of the day, such as late at night; in addition, you can view and manage these options from your phone or PC.

If you've ever been a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you'll now see a separate section in the Library app to keep all your PS Plus free games in one place. You can also now hide games and apps from the Purchased tab, if you wish to remove old betas, for example. In addition, PSVR games will now display a logo next to their Library icon to indicate they can be played in VR. Finally, Notifications can now be deleted and you can now customize your background, team logo, or message thread cover picture with any image from a USB device. Take a look at the full patch notes above.

Source: GameSpot