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Big New Ark: Survival Evolved Update Out Now

A new free update has arrived for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Ark: Survival Evolved, adding weapons, gear, creatures, and more.
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    If you've been following the PC version, you'll already know what to expect from Update v257, which launched on computers earlier this month. There are new structures, including a Cloning Chamber that allows you clone creatures (with stats, level, and appearance intact) and a Megalodon Saddle that lets you ride the giant shark.


    This update also adds the Tek Grenade (essentially a sticky grenade), new hairstyle and facial hair options, new music, and four creatures--including a giant bee. Meanwhile, the volcano has been redesigned and now leads to the Tek Cave's entrance.

    You can get an overview for everything that's new in the trailer above and check out the full patch notes below.

    Ark: Survival Evolved v257 Console Patch Notes

    • Structure: Tek Cloning Chamber - Spend some shards, get a clone, with the level, appearance and stats, of your favorite creatures
    • Structure: Tek Megalodon Saddle - Mount up! Now your prehistoric shark has a laser-firing saddle!
    • Structure: Tek Turret - An enhanced Auto Turret with more damage and a better targeting AI. What more could you need?
    • Weapon: Tek Grenade - Did someone say "sticky grenades"? Put 'em on your friends (or not!)
    • TEK Cave & Volcano - The Volcano finally receives its long overdue, scorching redesign - and now leads to the entrance to the TEK Cave.
    • "Ascension" Game Progression
    • More UI overhauls
    • New Hairstyle and Facial Hair
    • Approximately 20+ New Explorer Notes
    • 15 new music tracks, per-biome and situational
    • Alpha Megalodon and APEX Loot for all Alpha creatures!
    • New creatures:
      • Apis Lithohermaea (Giant Bee)
      • Kentrosaurus Aethiopicus
      • Liopleurodon Magicus
      • Daeodon Comedentis

    Source: GameSpot

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