Winter doesn't technically begin until later this month, but The Witcher developer's DRM-free PC store GOG today launched its annual Winter Sale, which is called "The Monstrous Winter Sale." There are going to be "hundreds" of deals in the sale, while GOG is kicking things off by giving away a free copy of Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition.

The BioWare-developed RPG is free for the first 48 hours of the sale, which kicked off today.

Some of the titles discounted in GOG's Winter Sale this year include The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition ($30), Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition ($20), Planescape Torment ($4), Firewatch ($12), Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons ($3.80), and Shadow Warrior 2 ($30). GOG is offering a number of "build-your-own" bundles where you can choose multiple titles from a common element such as EA RPG or Star Wars, among others. Go to GOG's site to see all the deals.

New deals will be added every day at 3 AM PT / 6 AM ET. Keep checking back for more.

Another element of GOG's Winter Sale is that you will earn XP for every dollar spent, every time you check in, and when you collect badges. If you collect enough XP, you'll be able to unlock free games like Shadow Warrior Classic Redux and Shadowrun: Dragonfall, among others.

GOG's Winter Sale ends on December 11th.

Source: GameSpot