Ark: Survival Evolved's latest update is now live on PS4 and Xbox One, introducing an inventory overhaul as well as lots of new features, such as underwater bases, aquatic creature breeding, wireless generators, teleporter pads, and four new animal types.

Many of the new features revolve around the game's TEK Tier, a category of sci-fi-based endgame content. As part of this, you can now breed waterborne animals and create wholly sealed underwater structures. You can also use power generators to fuel new TEK structures and utilize teleporter pads to travel around the island more quickly--however these are "very expensive," according to a press release. Obtaining TEK Tier loot involves gathering the recently introduced Element resource, which is handed out after completing Boss Arenas.

The four new creatures, meanwhile, include a tameable ancient horse, a huge species of fish, a "plain old" seagull, and a large, herbivorous dinosaur. Lastly, the update--which is already live on PC--adds a new weapon: the lasso, so now you can pretend to be a cool ancient cowboy.

Developer Studio Wildcard announced in February that the dinosaur game had reached 1 million copies sold on PS4. As of August 2016, Ark: Survival Evolved had sold 1.5 million copies on Xbox One and 4 million on PC, though it has been available on those platforms for longer than on Sony's machine.

Source: GameSpot