Bethesda Abandons Fallout 4 Mods, Blames Sony

In a brief statement this morning, Bethesda Softworks confirmed what many PS4 players had been dreading: mods will not be coming to Fallout 4...
  1. Dito

    In a tersely-worded statement this morning, Bethesda Softworks announced that PS4 players will not be getting mods for Fallout 4 or the upcoming Skyrim Special Edition. In a bold and unusual move, they’ve pointed the finger directly at Sony.

    Here’s the full text of their statement (emphasis ours):

    Sony has not commented on the situation. Based on the wording above, it seems unlikely they will.

    It’s frustrating to see promises to players destroyed over a conference table. Technical issues are one thing; endless and unresolvable disagreements between companies are an entirely different problem. Let’s hope this bad blood doesn’t leak over into future Bethesda products on Sony’s hardware.


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  1. cracka brew
    This is probably why the nukaworld is the last dlc for fallout 4.
  2. Kunty
    For free mods on any game of your choice message me on xbox Aviits
  3. AlienFreek01
    I'd assume the security on the ps4 isn't quite good enough to allow custom items to be downloaded and ran. They probably know this and its why they aren't allowing it
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  4. Your Account
    Watch it be like 2+ years until Sony approves of mods for those games. (Off Topic a bit) - I mean like in the end I actually hope that Both Gaming Platforms (x1, ps4)... would turn out equal ( = ) Or Close to it... so that way nobody will have to be sad.. or angry over one or the other about games and so on.
  5. 50 Pence
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  6. (-_-)
    lol bad title, gives negative connotation towards Besthesda when it's Sony's **** fault.
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  7. Keeley Hazell
    I blame Sony's security. They're probably too scared of getting shut down again.
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  8. WWE
    Let's see how many PlayStation users are aggravated.
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  9. Aruseus123
    Aw, poor Sony fanboys. Originally just for the Xbox One and now ONLY for the Xbox One.
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  10. televisedfool
    Not that unusual for Bethesda to leave a bad taste in Playstation gamers mouths. They did it with past games performing poorly and not optimized properly and made it clear to the everyone they prefer Xbox, further confirming that with their promotion of fallout 4 using Xbox and giving timed exclusive features. Nothing wrong with that though, there are plenty of developers that prefer Playstation so it goes both ways.

    With all that in mind, I'm not inclined to believe them when they point the finger at Sony. They have been very vague about this whole thing and you could tell mod support on ps4 was never a priority for them from the start. They only brought it up so they could get their money from hopeful Playstation users and are now running with their money.

    Shot yourself in the foot with this one Bethesda. Expect to see the skyrim remaster take a hit in sales on the playstation side.