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Beta Available for Upcoming Stop-Motion Game SUPERHOT


For those of you interested in the new intriguing, Matrix/James Bond-like puzzle game SUPERHOT, you can now personally evaluate its awesome and unique features in beta, if you're a backer of the games Kickstarter that is. Just announced from the Poland-based developers SUPERHOT Team on their Kickstarter page July 31st, comes this innovative FPS game consisting of very distinctive qualities, gameplay, and graphics.

Originally just a small project put together by a group of friends back in August 2013, the idea really prospered once a prototype was released on the internet. With all the positive feedback it received, the game made it through the Steam greenlight process in one weekend, thus allowing this fresh concept of multiple gameplay schemes infused as one to be fully crafted into a complete title.

Blue Brick, a technology consulting firm, is the parent company and the original backers of the new developers SUPERHOT Team (which was started by a designer at Blue Brick), who are building a name for themselves and are now ready to flourish into their own game company. Their Kickstarter campaign was funded within twenty-three hours of its launch, gaining $250,000 overall, which is quite impressive. In addition to the money, they are supported by an immense team of programmers, developers, and specialists, providing their company with the necessary tools to become highly successful.
When it comes to storyline or some form of plot, not much is known. What can be seen in the two trailers I've provided is that the movement of the playable character is what controls the pacing, and overall outcome of fights. This feature of almost frame-by-frame movement allows players to dodge bullets and incoming strikes from the unique, almost pixelated looking enemies. Combining a mixture of shooting and melee as the main attack schemes, the playable character is also able to pick up and throw bottles, glasses, and other objects of the sort. SUPERHOT may not have some of the best graphics around, but with the general theme that it depicts, I believe it will have a vast amount of playability along with the possibility of progressing into more complex releases in the future.

SUPERHOT will be released sometime in the fourth quarter of 2015, exclusively on Xbox One, PC, and Mac OS. A Playstation 4 title has yet to be announced.
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Source: SUPERHOT Kickstarter Page
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