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BBC iPlayer now available on Xbox


The BBC iPlayer is a popular tool used by many to catch up on their favourite shows, documentaries or movies. And guess what? It just so happens to be joining the list of Xbox LIVE applications as of today. Better yet, it's available for everyone; even those who do not have a gold account. It also features a Kinect-based interface, similar to the Netflix application.

This means that the BBC iPlayer is now available on the three consoles: Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The delay of the application reaching Xbox LIVE had to do with Xbox LIVE's subscription fee, i.e. BBC iPlayer would have struggled to function behind a paywall.

That problem has been resolved, so this could mean that we might be seeing other applications, such as 4OD or the ITV player, on Xbox LIVE too (for those without a Gold membership). It is debatable whether or not the other feasible applications will be accessible to Silver members too, it is dependant on what Microsoft have to say about the situation.

According to reported figures, over 40% of Xbox LIVE gold users spend up to an hour or more a day using the entertainment services, like Netflix and BBC iPlayer, however the majority of gamers still tend to use the Xbox 360 for their intentional purpose, gaming. The BBC is expecting that the connection of TVs and consoles should generate over half of the viewings for the iPlayer in the near future.

The statement is definitely plausible as the implementation of the iPlayer onto Xbox LIVE would definitely boost the view-count. Would you feel more inclined to use your Xbox to catch up on your favourite programmes with the addition of the iPlayer?


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