Battlefront Coming to the Xbox One First

Star Wars Battlefront, DICE's highly anticipated upcoming multiplayer shooter game based upon the beloved Star Wars film franchise, will be...
By Inkd · Jul 20, 2015 · Updated Jul 20, 2015
  1. Inkd

    Star Wars Battlefront, DICE's highly anticipated upcoming multiplayer shooter game based upon the beloved Star Wars film franchise, will be playable first to those who own an Xbox One. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, confirmed that Xbox One owners will be receiving this title first as long as they have an active subscription to EA Access.

    For those interested, EA Access costs $4.99 a month, or $29.99 for a full year. EA Access additionally provides players with a slate of upcoming titles several days prior to their release, and users will be able to play EA-published games for however long they wish without any hassle, which is actually quite the steal. I noticed several PlayStation 4 owners were quite disheartened by the news, however EA originally offered Sony the opportunity to have EA Access on the PlayStation 4. Sony politely declined their offer saying that it doesn't believe EA Access offers "good value."


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  1. Master
    I have to say I saw this coming. This is a bit of a let down.
  2. B-rad
    Sounds like Sony chickened out over money. It really does.

    You would think they would be all over this EA Access deal. They would get tons of promotional sponsors that would give them plenty of opportunities but for less buck.

    Just what I would expect. Still Xbox all the way for me.
  3. Phantom Menace
    i hate it when games do this.
  4. Criminal
    Lots of Sony ponies in these comments! I know Xbox made some stupid decisions in the beginning, but they are really coming back and turning it around. I will enjoy playing this game early!
  5. olendolo
    I have both X1 and Ps4, I paid the $4.99 to play Hardline early...I then switched to ps4 on release. The xbox one requires a controller firmware update that will make it react properly. It is so inaccurate of a controller software that people overlook this as what ruins the gameplay for them. The UI might be annoying to some, and the other issues here and there have been patience testing. However the core of it for gaming is a decent console...but if you compare the response of the ps4's controller firmware to the xbox 1 its night and day. Even the older 360 and ps3 have better feeling in the sticks.

    Hands down, unless you are a Halo or Gears of War only person...get a ps4 and hang out with everyone else.
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  6. Froudey
    See, they lost COD so they are going for the Battlefield kids lol
  7. Weedluminati
    Xbox Master Race
  8. Th3Le9oman
    Enjoying the Info, but any news for the PC gamers?
  9. RumpleForeskin
    Cool :smile: something I was hoping for.
  10. goat stealer
    Playing EA published games early with EA access has always been a thing so this is of no surprise, but even if that wasn't part of the service I have no doubt in my mind that Microsoft would have been all to eager to shake hands with EA behind closed doors to set up some kind of exclusivity deal with Battlefront in an attempt to falsify a sense of value for their console, it's exactly what they did with Tomb raider and even if we overlook that, both companies have an extensive history of holding content of all stripes to ransom and putting instant gratification and easy money way above consumer trust and happiness.

    It's a little surprising that Sony didn't take EA up on it's offer of putting EA access on the PS4 while Microsoft did since it had done similar stuff in the past, then again, Sony doesn't have the same kind of worries that Microsoft does when it comes to overall value in their console. After all, it wasn't Sony that crippled their product with DRM, installed software that prevented use games from playing, and warbled on about television and sports while showcasing a video game console. :wink: