Battlefield Hardline: Getaway Announced, Coming January 2016

DICE have finally announced the next update for Battlefield: Hardline, and they're aiming for it to be an action-packed expansion filled with...
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    DICE have finally announced the next update for Battlefield: Hardline, and they're aiming for it to be an action-packed expansion filled with fast-paced gameplay. Battlefield Hardline: Getaway will see the criminal players making high-speed escapes from the police across the Mexican border as bullets fly and explosions erupt around them. Players that are enforcing the law will be chasing down the ruthless criminals across the Pacific coast. Whatever side you choose to play on, make sure you slam the pedal to the metal and never let go of the gas. In Battlefield Hardline: Getaway, speed is one thing you can't afford to lose.

    With every great criminal heist, a great getaway comes along with it. While some go smooth, others get a little bumpy, and usually end up with a trail of dead cops. If your team isn't organized and careful, they too could end up with a few bullets in them. If you're been designated as the getaway driver, nearly everything rides on your shoulders. Your team's lives, cash, and freedom. The money you make depends not only depends on how fast your drive, but how well your skills are at evading the police. As a getaway driver, it's your job to know every nook and cranny of the streets. Leading your team into a dead end with the police hot on your tail could spell doom for you all.

    The Battlefield Hardline: Getaway update will come with new content for players to enjoy. Players will get access to four new huge maps race away from or chase down the enemy team. The new maps are called Pacific Highway, Double Cross, Train Dodge, and Diversion. On these maps players will get to test out the brand new game mode, Capture the Bag. Players will also receive access to 3 new weapons for the Mechanic Class, and one new gadget and melee weapon to use in Hardline's intense ground warfare. The update will also come with 4 new legendary Camos and 4 new vehicles. So if you want to show off your fancy new outfit while evading the police, this update is for you.

    Battlefield™ Hardline: Getaway is available for Battlefield Hardline Premium members in January 2016. DICE have confirmed that all players will receive new weapons when the update releases. Photos of the update have confirmed that a fireman's axe will be making its way into the game. Stay tuned to the Homepage for more Battlefield: Hardline news!


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  1. zlReborn
    TBH Battlefield hardline is kinda retarted
  2. Sliding
    One of the worst games I've ever played.
  3. Kabal
    Hopefully dice will go back to the war aspect again because cops and robbers gets stale after awhile the update doesn't look that good imo.
  4. RGF
    Why are they still trying?
  5. TheItalianLad
    Terrible game. Hardline is pretty much an addon to bf4 in my opinion. They still do more bf4 updates than this and this is all they can come up with? noice...
  6. 3xTiNcT
    Train dodge looks pretty cool.
  7. Jeeper
    Honestly, hardline js better than BF4, but not BF3.
    1. AlienFreek01
      You are by yourself with that.... bf3> bf4... hardline doesn't get on the list because it is so bad
  8. televisedfool
    Awesome this sounds like another awesome update to play. :biggrin:
  9. Pyroman
    Sound cool! too bad this new battlefield 4 update is going to be my life.