Battlefield Hardline Betrayal DLC Coming Next Month

You've robbed banks, arrested criminals, made high-speed getaways and participated in high-speed chases. Now it's time to take your game to the...
  1. God

    You've robbed banks, arrested criminals, made high-speed getaways and participated in high-speed chases. Now it's time to take your game to the next level. Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal will see players battling it out in 4 brand new maps, Alcatraz, Cemetery, Chinatown, and Thin Ice. Cops and criminals alike will see an increase to their arsenal with the 7 new weapons DICE are adding to the game in the upcoming update. In addition to 2 new vehicles, players will also be able to customize their primary weapons and uniforms in the Gun Bench Super Feature, and can put them to the test in the Gun Range. Last but not least, the update will come with brand new assignments for players to complete, and Legendary weapon camos for all to unlock.

    Even if you don’t purchase Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal you won’t be left out in the cold. The base game will receive an update as well, which will give Hardline owners 11 new weapons and new server presets to test on the battlefield. Gold Battlepacks will also be updated, and will now randomly contain a weapon license voucher, which is a Distinguished class item that will allow players to unlock an entire weapon license. Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal is set to release next month, are you ready for the upcoming new content?


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  1. 3xTiNcT
    I really need to catch up with this game.
  2. televisedfool

    Chinatown, the remake of Grand Bazaar from BF3. :eek:

    Looks awesome!
  3. Aeora
    this looks amazing :roflmao:
  4. EyereEyes
    ......looks like I will be checking out this game now!
  5. TheItalianLad
    Hopefully there can be one full server in Australia now :biggrin:
    1. SirEdwardCool
      Don't bet on it :lol: , BF4 will still hold its place for a while to come. Look at BC2, that game didn't die when it probably should have, and BF3 still has quite a large player base.

      battlefield games just seem to last :smile:
  6. Keeley Hazell
    Am I the only person who thinks this game shouldn't even be called Battlefield? I hated this one.
    1. Red58
      From what i've read it wasn't originally going to be a battlefield game at all lol. They tried something new, it fell flat, life goes on.
    2. K3LL0GSkid
      I played it and enjoyed it. I guess it depends on peoples taste. Like with BO3 I hated that, but people seem to love it.
    3. Keeley Hazell
      True K3LL0GSkid. I didn't like Ghosts or AW but I like Bo3 lol.
  7. televisedfool
    "are you ready for the upcoming new content?"

    Hell yes I am! :biggrin:

    This DLC looks like the best one yet, which is a plus since it's supposed to be the last substantial DLC included with the season pass. We've seen small updates releasing in the past for hardline and BF4 though so I don't think this will be the last of content being added to the game.

    It feels like just yesterday the previous DLC came out that introduced a big game changer with the competitive matchmaking mode.

    Can't get enough of Hardline. :love:
      xZ07x likes this.
    1. xZ07x
      Couldn't have said it better myself, but this game will always be a Battlefield & always great game.