EA announced today that their new beta for their upcoming game; “Battlefield Hardline”, would be made publicly available to all Windows PC users. Previously, the only way to get the beta was to sign up for it on EA’s website and initially this was a daunting task due to multiple errors, long wait times and then the game didn’t even appear for some people.

Now though, you can sign up freely with no hassle. Most people who were unable to play before will be glad to hear that they can enjoy this early access beta now. Those who partake in the beta will be able to enjoy some goodies when the game releases on the 21st of October this year, these goodies come in the form of a weapon camo skin, a weapon sight, “additional hardline content”, and a unique dog tag for the current Battlefield game, Battlefield 4. What they mean by additional content we will have to wait and see. Hopefully EA give something good to their valued customers, because they certainly deserve it, especially with all the issues that EAs customers face daily.

I personally will be trying the beta now that there is no issues with it, the videos I have seen of it have intrigued me greatly and I can’t wait to get to robbing banks. You can also receive in game goodies by reaching rank 10 and by enabling Facebook sharing. These will net you a special battlepack at launch and 1000 in game dollars, respectively. How many of you have tried the beta? How are you liking it thus far? How many of you will be trying it out after hearing this new.