By popular demand, Battlefield 5’s Squad Conquest multiplayer game type will stick around for another two weeks, running until Wednesday, Feb. 13. The match was introduced on Jan. 17 with Battlefield 5’s second chapter in its Tides of War post-launch schedule, “Lightning Strikes,” but it was originally scheduled to end Jan. 30. Because of the feedback and requests EA DICE got from the community over the past two weeks, the developer is now keeping it around a little longer.

Squad Conquest is a smaller version of the 64-player Conquest match, featuring two teams of eight players, and each team broken into two squads of four. The units fight to control three flags on condensed versions of Arras, Rotterdam and Hamada maps. The goal is to control those flags until the opposing team is out of respawns.

When it was introduced, Squad Conquest was designed to allow one player to have a greater impact on a match. Vehicle access was much more limited in this mode than it is in others.

The holdover for Squad Conquest will be joined by the game’s latest Weekly Challenge, called Hold the Line. This is basically a schedule of tasks that award XP, and the larger goals deliver other in-game rewards. Hold the Line is offering an M1922 MMG for Support players, and the Final Countdown headgear for all classes.

Battlefield 5 launched Nov. 20; players are still waiting on “Firestorm,” its battle royale playlist. That is expected in March, launching with the “Trial By Fire” third chapter of Tides of War.

Source: Polygon