To all the Battlefield fans out there, in the new Battlefield 4, the controls will change significantly, which could lead to a few problems when getting used to the new controls and what not.

According to Battlefield 4’s executive producer, Patrick Bach, most of the changes made to the controls were made to ease the the communication between the player and the controller. Changes include, but are not limited to, moving teamplay functions to the bumpers instead of using the face buttons, and assigning all vehicle movements to the left analog stick, making the vehicles move more like the soldiers.

"When we looked at controls in Battlefield 4, we placed the team play aspect of our controls as the highest priority. We wanted players to be familiar with using spotting and the communication rose in multiplayer as well as the engage and tactical visor in single player. To accomplish this we needed a button that allowed players quick access while also enabling the player to still perform all the necessary functions of Battlefield, like shooting, aiming, moving, and melee. We also know that players require consistency, especially players who will want to move from a PS3 to a PS4 or a Xbox 360 to a Xbox One. With this in mind, we moved our teamplay functions to a bumper button, which required us to make additional changes, all to highlight one of Battlefield's key strengths. It also enabled the use of the communication rose with a controller,” said Bach.

To all players who have been playing Battlefield since it first launched, and are used to the old control scheme can change the new scheme to the classic one, if they feel uncomfortable with the new one.

"For people who don't like these new controls you are offering a Veteran scheme that basically returns the controls to the Battlefield 3 standard, with one major difference - the comma rose is still married to the right bumper whether you are on foot or in a vehicle, which moves countermeasures and melee attacks. We recognize that change is hard, and the veteran control schemes are our nod to players who wish to have a Battlefield 3 control style. We continue to see teamplay as a key area for Battlefield, and that meant that we could not purely duplicate the old setup,” said Bach.

As you may already know, Battlefield 4 launches tomorrow, October 29, for current consoles, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. For next-gen consoles, Xbox One and Playstation 4, the launch date will be the same as the consoles themselves, November 22 and November 15, respectively.