As many of you know, Battlefield 4 will be releasing later this year in October and November (hopefully) with the next gen consoles. There are many rumors circulating that BF4 will support 70 players in a server, 72 if you take the Commanders into consideration. This does make sense considering that one of the new features in BF4 is the support of 5-man squads instead of 4-man squads. If 64 players in a server is to have 5-man squads, that will leave six full squads with a squad consisting of the remaining two players, on each team. If the game ships with 70 player servers, then there will be 7 full 5-man squads on each team leaving no leftovers.
Personally, I think this is an excellent choice if DICE is willing to go with it.
Battlefield has stuck with 64 player servers for a while, in fact, ever since the first game came out ten years ago. This would be a nice step-up from the previous battlefield games and it would make the game more fluid and tactical with the team fully cooperating in 7 full squads comprised of 5 players in each squad.

What are your opinions on this? Do you think this is a smart thing to do if DICE allows it? Please leave your comments below.

Commander Mode Trailer