Earlier today, teaser images that reveal what appear to be loading images of some sort for the 10 on disc maps set to appear on Battlefield 4 were put up on the Battlelog website. The images, which you can see below, also have a list of names (some confirmed, some unconfirmed) that were derived from the file names linked to Battlelog. Some of these maps can also be seen in the latest multiplayer trailer, see if you can scope them out:​

Here are the maps and their names. Confirmed names will be normal, while unconfirmed names will be in brackets:​
Siege of Shaghai
This is the map from the E3 reveal of the game. It is an urban setting, and the levolution for the map involves the crashing of the giant skyscraper. I love urban style maps, so I think this will be a personal favorite of mine.​
Paracel Storm
This is the map shown for the reveal at Gamescom. The levolution for this map include the battleship coming in, as well as the dynamic weather of the map. This map looks aesthetically pleasing, and I think it will play very well.​
Operation Locker
This map was very briefly shown in the multiplayer trailer. In my opinion, I think this will be very similar in style to Operation Metro from Battlefield 3, and I think it will play similar to how that will be played. I personally was not a fan of Metro, but you never know how it could turn out.​
Lancang Dam
I can't make out too well what this map looks like, but it looks like the map with the dam from the levolution trailer. If that's the case, the levolution for this map would be the damn breaking and such. It looks to me like it could be a medium range map with the possibility of some CQC areas.​
Flood Zone
This map is the map that uses levolution to break and flood the city. It will basically transform the map from a land combat zone to naval warfare in the flooded streets. This map looks like it will be a fan favourite and I'm definitely excited for it.​
Zavod 311
There isn't too much to make out of this map, but what stands out to me is the smoke stacks. I believe the levolution of this map will be the crashing and breaking of the smoke stacks, where it blocks of certain points of access. I believe that will also lead this map to being a CQC style map.​
Golmud Railway
This map looks to be a desert railway system. I think the levolution could possibly have to deal with a train. Possibly you could derail the train, or even use it as fast transportation across the map. This also leads me to believe that this will be a long range / larger map.
Hainan Resort
This map left me scratching my head. Reminds me a lot of the DLC map Cove from Black Ops 2. I would guess that the crashed ship would be part of the levolution, but at the same I don't think they would do a similar idea to Parcel Storm. I do believe this will be a medium ranged map though.​
This map looks to be set at night. The levolution for this map will most likely be earthquakes and tremors that shake as you play, causing accuracy drop off and building destruction all around the city. I feel like this will be the re-envisioned Aftermath from BF3, and the new Frostbite 3 engine will allow it to be what they originally wanted Aftermath to feel like.
Rogue Transmission
This map reminds me of the scene from Goldeneye the movie where they are fighting on the dish somewhere in Russia (I think). I think the levolution will most likely involve the dish, and this could potentially be a CQC style map.​
While these names and maps are unconfirmed, there is a high chance of legitimacy behind them. What do you guys think of the new maps, and which ones do you think will be the most exciting? I will keep this post updated as more info is revealed.​
Edit: Map names confirmed!​