Ahead of its release later this month, EA has released a trailer for Battlefield 1's upcoming Giant's Shadow map.

EA had previously described it as a map set during the Battle of the Selle in France. The Behemoth on Giant's Shadow will be the armored train, while players will have access to planes and horses, at the very least. The map's name refers to the crashed zeppelin seen in the video.

Aside from providing a glimpse of the map--which you'll recognize if you've played the surprisingly good campaign--we also get to see what looks like a new weapon. It's a grenade-launcher crossbow, a concept for which was recently leaked by one of the game's artists.

Giant's Shadow launches for free to all players on December 20. According to the YouTube listing, Battlefield 1 Premium members will get access a week earlier, on December 13. In the meantime, you can check out a new custom game mode.

Source: GameSpot