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Battlefield 1: The Game That Will Succeed Where Call of Duty Has Failed

Here it is Battlefield Nation... Battlefield 1 is the next title in the franchise! Do not worry though my friends, this game will not be going the...
  1. RaoulDuke

    The moment Battlefield fans have been waiting over a year for, is finally here. With the intense buildup of the imminent announcement starting exactly a week ago, people have been glued to their computer screens waiting for 4 P.M. Eastern time today to see what direction Battlefield would be heading in next. And no, that direction is not futuristic, where developers have been sending their titles for years only to receive bad feedback on them and still do it again the year after. That direction for Battlefield is to the past, where brutal, all-out war and combat first began.

    After being speculated of what time period this new title would be set in, it is now confirmed that Battlefield 1 will be set in WWI. Lead Designer Daniel Berlin has said that the game will be focusing on some of the lesser known aspects and battles of WWI such as the involvement of the Harlem Hellfighters, who many people may not have even known existed. Going on, he says that they wanted to make diversity a key goal to achieve in the final game, stating that they are bringing all these stories together to highlight the roles that many different armies had played in WWI.

    As you can see in the incredibly intense trailer which is set to The White Stripes track 'Seven Nation Army', there is a battle between soldiers wielding swords and fighting on horses, a fast-paced dog fight in the sky between multiple weaponized biplanes, and different bits and pieces which show off old-school tanks and even a flamethrower.

    Battlefield 1 will be launching onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC worldwide on October 21st, 2016. If you'd like a chance to gain early access to the beta, all you have to do is sign up as a Battlefield insider at the link here.
    So even though we now know that Battlefield 1 will not be going in the futuristic route, specific details that can answer our many questions regarding the multiplayer and campaign modes of the game have yet to be unveiled. However, there will be more news about Battlefield 1 coming in the future months. So stay tuned to the Homepage to learn more about where the next Battlefield title will be going, and check out the spoiler below for some in-engine screenshots of Battlefield 1!

    UPDATE - Following the big reveal earlier today, EA has also now dropped a Deluxe Edition, as well as a massive Collector's Edition for Battlefield 1. The Deluxe Edition will run you about $80, and comes with early access to the game, five battlepacks, and also the Red Baron, Hellfighter, and Lawrence of Arabia packs which will all come with exclusive weapons and gear.

    Now if you're looking for something that has a bit more goodies, prepare your wallet to drop about $220 worth of bills. With that you will receive a fourteen inch tall statue that features the character from the game's cover art, a cloth poster, an exclusive steel book, a deck of playing cards, and even a little messenger pigeon tube that includes exclusive DLC content that everyone else will have to wait a year after launch to purchase. Pictures of everything included in the Collector's Edition can be seen in this article's image gallery.








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    About Author

    A member of the Retired Writer squad. I mainly enjoy writing about the newest updates and releases in the FPS and open world genres, but typically branch out into many other forms of gaming and technology.
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  1. Paranomal_Hell
    That trailer though, beats cod anyway!
  2. Chairdolf Sitler
    it's kind of a kick in the pants to COD if you think about it. a swift f*** you to COD. watch, battlefield is going to keep going so far into the past now that we are going to be riding dinosaurs and throwing rocks at each other. not hating on Battlefield innovation. just a slight prediction.
  3. TriggerHappyHD
    I am very loyal to the Call of Duty community but after seeing the battlefield 1 trailer I may be playing more battlefield in the near future.

    Further more I hope this game wont be as hyped up as everyone did Battlefield Hardline because Hardline was the exact same as B4 except a couple new vehicles and some new controls but in all it was just a modified B4
  4. Frosty
    Finally! i'm done with CoD's crap.
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  5. OMG Its 1337
      Jacob Frye likes this.
  6. Pianist Prodigy
    Well... this will be interesting and it looks amazing.
  7. ZacOnCrac
    I've already stated that I touched myself to this reveal, HOWEVER, I have found another one for all you history lovers out there. It basically is a guy breaking down each section of it, and analysing the history of it and how it fits into WW1.
    As long as you can follow, it is worth the 9 minutes, I can assure you.
  8. Mook
    I personally think both Call of Duty and Battlefield this year will be fun. Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, and Black Ops 3 have all missed the mark with me. They've been futuristic, besides for Ghosts, and that hasn't worked out for them. I think the reason it hasn't worked out for them is because they haven't been futuristic enough. Gameplay has been shown of Infinite Warfare on other celestial bodies, such as one of Saturn's moons; Titan. This will hit the science fiction crowd hard as well as the Call of Duty fanbase. Infinity Ward has only made one poorly received Call of Duty (Ghosts) and five well received installments. Though the community has been asking for a non-futuristic game since Advanced Warfare hit shelves, I think Infinity Ward is going to make the best of of this situation, seeing as thought the game has been in development for three years and the community has been protesting futuristic plots for two.

    The only thing I see killing Infinite Warfare is the inclusion of weapons in a loot based system, similar to how Black Ops 3 does it. The outspoken community, the ones on Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube, are mostly against it, or at least against the idea of selling a way to get new weapons. I personally don't think Activision is going to be stupid enough to introduce a system like that into Infinite Warfare. Not with all of the hate on the game as of now. And let's hope that when they inevitability do implement a system, it isn't as poor of a way as Advanced Warfare or Black Ops 3.

    I think Infinite Warfare is going to sell just as much as Black Ops 3, which as of now has sold about 22 million units. Do I think Battlefield is going to outsell Call of Duty? No. Not with the current trend of sales. Do I think both games are going to be fun? Absolutely.

    This Fall, I'm looking forward to playing both games.

    TLDR: Both games are going to be fun, unless Infinite Warfare starts selling weapons.
    1. UndeadASU
      "I personally don't think Activision is going to be stupid enough to introduce a system like that into Infinite Warfare. Not with all of the hate on the game as of now."

      That's your opinion and you're entitled to it; however, I see Activision as just a bunch of money greedy people who don't care about the community and fuel themselves off of profit. Obviously profit is the betterment for a business or company such as Activision, but in some cases the community's opinions should come first. I mean c'mon, what business/company will have success and not die if they keep ignoring the community and keep implementing things that either don't work or will eventually stop working? To me, Activision is a great example. The majority of people don't want these micro-transactions like CoD has for many different reasons; I won't get into those reasons because this is already lengthy enough.

      Basically what I'm getting at is: Activision will always go for an idea if they see money in it. This is a good mindset and I have the same mindset as well, but when it gets in the way of what the community wants it can cause major problems. If they listen to the community and give them what they want and also go for the profit, they will make more and more each year.

      This is just my opinion on how I see it. Not saying your wrong; it's your opinion, but this how I see it.
      Mook likes this.
    2. Keeley Hazell
      The only thing I see killing Infinite Warfare is the whole setting itself lol. I absolutely HATED Advanced Warfare.. even more than Ghosts. Black Ops 3 wasn't much better but Treyarch made the best of their situation IMO. Just because the game sells doesn't mean it's good either.. most of my friends who I pubstomped with back in the day haven't played CoD since Ghosts or Black Ops 2. it's all of a matter of opinion but I feel like the people who still religiously buy Call of Duty are completely brainwashed or they're too young to know what CoD was like when it was "Great"
    3. Mook

      I agree with you, that they will implement a system, however, I don't think it's going to be early into the games' life. The developers at Infinity Ward will be arguing with Activision and citing Black Ops 3 as a great example of how a game with microtransactions can create backfire in the community. And I really do believe Activision will be smart about this. Activision is a company, so it's understandable that they would like to make money, I'm not going to demonize them for that. However, if Activision can become convinced by game sales, reception, or one of their studios that the community upset is causing them to lose profit, they wont be daft enough to ignore it.
  9. TheItalianLad
    Why are we comparing this too cod? They are completely different games

    More people will end up playing cod anyways. The same thing happened with bf4 and bf3's release, everyone was saying how crap cod was compared to it, even though cod still outgunned them in population. Yet, years later people still say the same thing and end up being wrong, haha.
    1. Deadpool
      There is no logic behind your statement. Just because more people play it, doesn't mean it's better. Monetary success does not equate to quality, I cannot fathom how one would come to such a conclusion.
      MrMosbey, God, ZacOnCrac and 3 others like this.
    2. TheItalianLad
      Deadpool I'm not saying either is better. I am just saying that both are completely different style of fps gaming and I don't know why every time a new battlefield comes out people compare it and say how cod will be dead because of this, even though in the end cod will end up with a larger player base in the end like it does every time.
    3. Atlas
      The comparison can be made as they are both games within the FPS genre. Don't get me wrong, I love CoD (with the exceptions of Ghosts and AW), but they'd never stack up to a Battlefield game. An arcade FPS is inherently inferior to a Battlefield FPS, but that isn't necessarily a "bad" thing. Battlefield requires much more of the player than CoD does. Perhaps that is the reason why CoD has a bigger population: people view at as being more "fun" because it is simpler. I can totally get behind that as I know the simplicity of World at War is one of the many reasons why I have a good 8 or 9 days real time clocked in on it. Truth be told, most of my friends will play every CoD but won't touch Battlefield as they say Battlefield is too "involved."
      UndeadASU, RaoulDuke and Deadpool like this.
  10. lil BLu3 SMuRF
    Wow...... 650k dislikes for CoD IW trailer.......... 535k LIKES for this trailer... and it was released four days later...

    Battlefield 1 just **** on Infinite Warfare sooooooooo hard hahahaha, I cant wait for E3... just to hear all the "boo's" from the audience towards infinite warfare, assuming they even get a chance to show off their game.

    PS... I CANNOT wait for this game, I think this will finally make me buy the next gen console for it, just idk which one to choose.. lol

    PSS... since this is set in WW1, and its Battlefield 1, I bet the following games will follow the timeline of our history somewhat.

    ......which is...... BAD --- THE --- f*** --- ***!
      Atlas likes this.
    1. Atlas
      If I ever had to create a reason why I regret returning my xbox one and getting a PS4, it would be if Battlefield 1 comes out a few days earlier on X1. When I heard about the WWI rumors, I hoped that they were true. I'm so glad they were.
      MR ROBOT and lil BLu3 SMuRF like this.
    2. Salus
      5 days earlier through EA Access, which is only on xbox :biggrin:
    3. Atlas
      Well, I can wait 5 days [hugs PS4]
      MR ROBOT and Salus like this.