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Battlefield 1 Story Trailer - The Great War as a Game

The Great War as a game, and you're on the front lines. Are you ready to head into the meat grinder? Here's the campaign trailer for Battlefield 1.
  1. Dito

    More than 70 million combatants went to war during World War One. If you're ready to be one, here's what your single-player experience in Battlefield 1 will look like. In short, it looks bloody and brutal.

    Air combat looks particularly interesting, with the primitive aircraft of the WWI era attempting to dogfight each other. We even catch a glimpse of the German's enormous zeppelins dominating the skies.

    Special note for film buffs: some of the non-gameplay cinematics of the desert scenes make me want to rewatch Lawrence Of Arabia for the umpteenth time.

    What do you think of the trailer? Are you interested in the single-player campaign, or just in it for the online multiplayer? Let us know in the comments below.

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    About Author

    Dito has written two crime novels, an ungodly number of technical documents, and even an original Wikipedia entry. He lives in Chicago, where they know how to properly do pizza, hot dogs, and electric blues. Besides gaming, his hobbies include graphic design, making electronic music, and collecting cables.
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  1. FrazzleFrazer
    This is the first time I've actually looked forward to playing a BF single player!
      BigShotShine and CobrasCurse like this.
  2. Harry
    I'm looking forward to the campaign as much as the actual online experience, seeing as they normally have good cinematics and a good storyline. The trailer has got me even more hyped for the game, I can't wait to jump on and have a play!
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  3. 3xTiNcT
    Oh I can't wait. :biggrin:

    Nice job on writing this up quickly.
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  4. PSGAndr3w
    Holy f***.

    I'm getting flashbacks to the CoD: Big Red One intro.
      WWE likes this.
    1. WWE
      That was my first CoD ever. The trailer did bring back memories of that game.
      PSGAndr3w likes this.
  5. Pyroman
    Damn that was a fast article lol.

    OT: The campaign looks amazing, even though this is a cinematic trailer I just can't wait to see the full aspects of war in the game are like, from the planes roaring above in the skies to the screams of allies getting torn apart on the ground, this game looks beautiful. I already pre-ordered it and may get EA access to play the game for a few hours before it releases.
  6. Dito
    Thanks to Pyroman for the suggestion and the YouTube version of the trailer.
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