Battlefield 1's latest expansion, In the Name of the Tsar, is out today for some players. Alongside it, a new update has arrived for everyone that includes some fixes, features, and more.

With the update and DLC out now, EA and DICE have published the full patch notes. These outline the full list of newly added weapons, vehicles, maps, and factions that In the Name of the Tsar owners can now access. Most notable of these is the complete selection of weapons, which are as follows:

  • Assault
    • Model 1900
    • SMG 08/18
  • Medic
    • FA Automatic Rifle
    • General Liu Rifle
  • Support
    • Parabellum MG 14/17
    • Perino Model 1908
  • Scout
    • Mosin Nagant M91
    • Vetterli Vitali M1870/87
  • Tanker/Pilot
    • C93 Carbine
  • Sidearm (all kits)
    • Nagant Revolver
    • Obrez Pistol
  • Melee (all kits)
    • Cossack Dagger
    • Dud Club

In the Name of the Tsar content is available to Premium Pass and Battlefield 1 Revolution owners right now; everyone else will be able to purchase the expansion on September 19. Even if you don't own the DLC, however, the new update--which is mandatory to play online--will allow you to watch In the Name of the Tsar matches through Spectator mode.

In terms of non-Tsar related features and changes, this update introduces HDR10 support for all platforms. Stationary weapons (the QF1 AA, FK96 Field Gun, and 305/52 O Coastal Gun) will now respawn wthl full health if they haven't been repaired within two minutes of being destroyed, though you can still repair them manually to use them more quickly. Rented servers have had their map rotation limit increased from 15 to 24. And a single bullet should no longer deal multiple damage pings to Bombers.

You can check out the full rundown in the patch notes here. This patch follows one released just recently, which added the first of In the Name of the Tsar's maps.

Source: GameSpot