DICE today revealed some of the changes for and additions to Battlefield 1 coming in the future. First, the developer said in a blog post that it will tweak the Suez map to make Conquest matches "more balanced and the map size more fitting."

There are currently only three flags, but the update will add two more, for a total of five, bringing the map more in line with others in Conquest. Additionally, the capture area size for two of the control points (A and C) are being reduced in an effort to create "more dynamic matches." Further still, one additional armored vehicle will be added to each side's base. DICE didn't say when the update that makes these changes will be released.

Battlefield 1's Suez map

Moving on, DICE also announced that it's adding "hardcore" servers for Battlefield 1. These servers, aimed at "elite" players, are "coming soon," but DICE didn't say when they will arrive. This could include things like no radar or changes to health regeneration.

Additionally, DICE revealed that it will hold a "Battlfest" event. Beginning on November 16 and running for a week, this event will include things like "new activities," as well as another Battlepack to unlock. There will also be community missions and bonuses for logging in. No specifics were provided about any of this, but DICE said fans should 'stay tuned for more details.

One part of Battlefest is the addition of more custom games, one of which is called Fog of War. As the name suggests, this team deathmatch mode will challenge players by virtue of limited sightlines due to the fog. Additionally, the mini-map and player name tags are turned off. As it happens, Fog of War was the working title of the canceled third-person Call of Duty game set in Vietnam.

Finally, DICE said it will launch a "major" update for Battlefield 1 later this month. It will add the game's rent-a-server program, as well as "various tweaks and improvements." There will also be a new custom game (whether this is Fog of War or something else wasn't specified), in addition to "tweaks to matchmaking and server balancing."

Battlefield 1's first DLC map, Giant's Shadow, launches in December free to all players.

In other Battlefield 1 news, EA said during an earnings call this week that the game's total player base after its first week was "nearly double" that of Battlefield 4 during its launch week.

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Source: GameSpot