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Battlefield 1 Beta Draws 13 Million Players, Sets New Record

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According to numbers released by EA today, the Battlefield 1 beta drew 13 million players, setting a new record for EA. The previous record was 9 million, for the Star Wars Battlefront beta.

Aleks Grondal, Battlefield 1’s senior producer thanked fans in a blog post, stating that they’re going through all the comments shared by players (social media, forums, etc.), in order to determine what worked and what didn’t. He specifically stated that the Light Tank worked “a little too well”, so fans of that piece of equipment should probably expect a change of some kind in the final release.

The team assembled an infographic to show off some of the stats, including the historical fact that 13 million players was more than double the number of actual military troops deployed in the Middle East during World War 1.

The Assault class was the most popular at 30% of players, followed closely by the Scout class at 28%. Players racked up nearly 29 million melee kills, more than two melee kills per beta participant.

The entire graphic is too large to post here, but can be viewed on the Battlefield.com page.

How many Se7enSins members took part? What class did you choose to play? Were you killed while on a horse? Share your thoughts about the beta in the comments below.

(Sources: GameSpot, Battlefield.com)
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