Battlefield 1 Beta Draws 13 Million Players, Sets New Record

The open beta for Battlefield 1 drew a remarkable number of players, eclipsing EA's previous record of 9 million players. They've compiled lots of...
  1. Dito
    BF 13 Mill Header 2.jpg
    According to numbers released by EA today, the Battlefield 1 beta drew 13 million players, setting a new record for EA. The previous record was 9 million, for the Star Wars Battlefront beta.

    Aleks Grondal, Battlefield 1’s senior producer thanked fans in a blog post, stating that they’re going through all the comments shared by players (social media, forums, etc.), in order to determine what worked and what didn’t. He specifically stated that the Light Tank worked “a little too well”, so fans of that piece of equipment should probably expect a change of some kind in the final release.

    The team assembled an infographic to show off some of the stats, including the historical fact that 13 million players was more than double the number of actual military troops deployed in the Middle East during World War 1.

    The Assault class was the most popular at 30% of players, followed closely by the Scout class at 28%. Players racked up nearly 29 million melee kills, more than two melee kills per beta participant.

    The entire graphic is too large to post here, but can be viewed on the page.

    How many Se7enSins members took part? What class did you choose to play? Were you killed while on a horse? Share your thoughts about the beta in the comments below.

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  1. BreakdowN
    Beta had it's issues but was extremely fun. It's no surprise that gamers long the olden war days and this game is by far going to be one of the best ones to come out.
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  2. ZacOnCrac
    I loved the beta, although my only criticism is that the UI (and perhaps the landscape itself) felt a little too Battlefront-y.
    But hey, can't expect a new engine per game. GG Dice.
  3. AlienFreek01
    Man I can't wait to see the number for sales come out for this game... Hopefully they don't get greedy and put in sluppy drops (or the like) as almost every other gaming franchise has now.
  4. NumberedSalmon
    I think they dumbed down some features, the gameplay was pretty sound but it didn't feel very Battlefield to me. What's with the simplistic plane flying? The super easy to use snipers, and how can you rampage on a horse so easily? It seems like EA's stretching this one thin.

    The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is smooth, but something about it makes it less battlefield and more battlefront.

    The robotic female voice call outs were unnecessary, it's funny how this game seems like EA's version of WaW. Where do they go from here? I mean fair enough if they jump into WW2, it'd be much more of a good experience than semi authentic WW1. But I hope BF fanatics realise that as soon as you jump into past tense, there's not much going back.
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    1. AlienFreek01
      You can switch to a male announcer. I much like the male more. I assume horses are going to get hit pretty hard with a nerf as well... You gotta remember that planes back then didn't go 1000mph like they do now, and that's a big factor of why they are easier to fly in BF1, and planes back then could only be so complicated (I know they didn't go 1000mph in BF4 but you get the point I'm making, it's a pretty big difference). I think the feeling you have with it not feeling like a battlefield is just because we aren't used to the new time frame...
    2. EliteConsoleModz
      i would say tanks were pretty OP as well due to the fact this guy had literally spawn trapped us in a rush game and ended up going like 60 and 2 haha. i was salty about my insanely negative K/D
  5. EHEBrandon
    I was a bit disappointed in the beta I might wait for it on sale and just stick with BF4 for a while longer.
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  6. 3xTiNcT
    Doesn't surprise me. I can't wait for this game to release.
  7. breadstick
    One thing I hope they change is snipers. Those puppies were like ******* lasers, I thought the bullets would fly slower and have more bullet drop. Was also hoping they'd be more inaccurate.

    At the moment, a previous battlefield player (as in understanding bullet drop) playing the bf1 beta could headshot someone from across the desert in 3-4 shots. That is if the enemy just stood there. Experienced players probably 2 shots max. Hoping they make them less accurate only because I believe the snipers couldn't have been spot on in 1914-1918
    1. NumberedSalmon
      But they're not sticking to that strict guideline of authenticity seeing as there are sub machine guns and the lot.
    2. Zelk
      Yeah, if they stuck that closely to authenticity the game would suck. Your guns would constantly jam and vehicles would randomly fail.
    3. breadstick
      Not asking for them to jam or take away guns. I felt they were all pretty balanced except for snipers. Maybe half map shots could be nearly spot on, I just wish they weren't pin point from across the entire map
  8. Salus
    Can't wait to see how the numbers match up against cod
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    1. Pyroman
      Oh please, we already know this game is gonna **** on COD.
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    2. Salus
      Of course lol, cod beta is gonna be miniscule
  9. Jason
    tfw you've been hyped for this game for a long time, and you have no way of playing it with your best bud, OneShot ;-;
  10. televisedfool
    The beta was tons of fun. October can't come soon enough.

    Also, I hope the shotguns get a nerf. There were tons of matches where shotguns ruled the battlefield in the beta games. I mean it was lots of fun using the shotguns of course but it definitely made you feel dirty at points.
    1. Shalour
      I actually only seen a shotgun once or twice while playing until level 38.
    2. televisedfool
      Once they unlocked everything though that's all you saw, at least from my experience. Very few people were using anything other then the shotguns. For good reason though, they are very, very, powerful. I mean yeah, it's a shotgun. But these things over perform in most scenarios.