EA and DICE have announced details of all four upcoming Battlefield 1 expansions, available as individual purchases, or as part of the game's $50 Premium Pass. The first expansion "They Shall Not Pass" gives players the chance to play as the World War 1 era French army, fight across four French maps, and take control of the Char 2C tank, the game's newest behemoth class vehicle. A lot of info has already been released on this first expansion, as well as a series of videos posted from expansion content available on the Community Test Environment.

The second expansion is called "Name of the Tsar," in which players will take control of the Russian army and ride "with the legendary Hussars," taking part in the historic Brusilov offensive and Albion assault.

The third is "Turning Tides," which has a naval focus. A new destroyer and coastal class airship will be available, and players will take part in the Zeebrugge raid, and storm the beaches of Gallipoli.

Finally, the "Apocalypse" expansion will include "the most infamous battles of WW1," and introduce the "brutal tools and unique weapons born out of desperation and deadlock," so look forward to a chance to descend even further into the hell of war.

Those that commit to the Premium Pass will receive all four expansions, including two weeks of early access as they're released, priority server access, and 14 superior-level battlepacks full of in-game cosmetic unlocks.

Source: GameSpot