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Battleborn Beta Now Available On PS4


Players who were big fans of the infamous Borderlands series will be happy to hear that the beta for Gearbox's newest game, Battleborn, was released today on the PlayStation 4. It is currently open to PS4 exclusively. Xbox One and PC users will have to wait until next week to get their hands on it. The pre-loading for the beta was opened to all platforms earlier this week. The beta will only be open until April 18th, so there is a limited window for gamers to grab the beta before it ends.

For those that haven't been following or even heard of this game, it's a brand new team based shooter with the feel of it similar to an MOBA. The game itself isn't an MOBA, however. The video below from E3 showcases what the game is. From the story to the game modes and upgrade system, as well as the twenty-five different characters that will be available to players at launch, this game definitely has a different feel and look to it. The game itself is set in the distant future of an "imaginative science fantasy universe", which will allow players to experience a narrative-driven campaign, as well as some intense multiplayer matches.

The beta itself contains two story missions, two different competitive multiplayer modes, and all twenty-five characters that will be available at launch. However, players will need to unlock some of them in order to use them. Players will also be able to get the feel of three different profession systems within the game. The progress that players make during the open beta will not carry over into the full game when it launches in May, which shouldn't surprise many since it's just a beta and not the finished product. To help PS4 users access the open beta and download it correctly, Gearbox has released a step by step guide, which you can find here.

PlayStation users who download the beta now get access to exclusive content that PC and Xbox One users will not. For those that download it now, they will receive the first DLC content pack for free and access to the first of five DLC characters, Alani. Additionally, if PlayStation users decide to pick up the season pass while the beta is live, they will receive a key that will allow them to unlock any character instantly. To top that all off, a character named Toby will only be accessible in the PS4 version of the beta. Xbox One and PC users will have to wait until the full games' release to try him out.

Check out the E3 coverage of the game here:
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