Batman: Arkham Knight's First DLC Revealed

Batman: Arkham Knight's first DLC has been revealed and given the release date of July 14th by Warner Bro's, if you have the season pass. It will...
By Visio · Jul 4, 2015 · Updated Jul 9, 2015
  1. Visio

    The newest expansion to the Batman: Arkham Knight game will be titled Batgirl: A Matter of Family. This new expansion will cost $6.99 in North America and £5.80 in the UK (and free for Season Pass holders). Sadly this DLC will be released (as of now) on only the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions of the game. This decision was made after Warner Bro's chose to pull the game from Steam after its numerous amount of bugs. This expansion pack will be released on July 14th for season pass holders, and non-pass holders will have to wait an extra week until July 21st.

    This new expansion will explore the prequel to the events of Arkham Knight, following Barbara Gordon before getting the role of Oracle. This DLC will also include "multiple missions, side quests, and secrets," meaning we will be receiving an all new location to explore as Batgirl. There is also a new tool being added to the game that is described as a "hacking mechanic" for you to solve puzzles with. Additionally, included in this is a new Dual Play function to preform take down moves with Robin.

    Batgirl: A Matter of Family is ensured to be an exciting expansion to an already exciting game. Please leave your comments or concerns about this pack in the comment section below the article!

    Watch the trailer here!

    Sources: Gamespot, Gamesradar, IGN

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  1. Skype
    Just picked up this game today and it is awesome. I am going to pick up the Season Pass as well cant wait!
      Visio likes this.
  2. Visio
    Added the video, as it was released yesterday!
  3. Night
    Well I've HATED all the Arkham games up until this one, was pleasantly surprised when I tried it out last week and really liked it. I guess I'll have to get this DLC since I've already finished the game lol.
  4. Master
    DLC is bad enough. Exclusivity just causes more console wars. This is bad in my book.
  5. Red58
    Was really looking forward to this game, too bad it was extremely buggy for PC users at launch. Lucky for me I actually had lost track of time and up until a few days ago had no idea the game was even out, let alone a buggy mess.
  6. jblaze252
    can't wait for this dlc
      GRJoker likes this.
  7. Gazelle
    I have never been interested in batman games but the lego one was pretty darn good! lol
      GRJoker likes this.
    1. Deadpool
      Missing out man, the Arkham games are great.
    2. Skype
      I know. Arkham Knight is my favorite by far!