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Batman: Arkham Knight Missing from Xbox Store


As most of you may already know at this point, Batman: Arkham Knight has been a train wreck of a game ever since it was released earlier this year. The PC port of the game was extremely disappointing, with many users reporting various game-breaking bugs and glitches, frame rate issues and an overall bad experience. This led for the game to be pulled indefinitely off of Steam and other retailers so that Rocksteady, the studio behind the game could iron out all of these issues.

The game was just actually re-released on Steam on October 28th, but much to everyone's dismay, users were still reporting a few glitches and stability issues. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game weren't as bad as the PC port, which left many console players pleased. With that being said, many users were shocked after they realized that their copy of Batman: Arkham Knight had mysteriously vanished from their library on their Xbox One. The standard edition of the game is also nowhere to be found on the Xbox Store, while the premium edition is still up for grabs.

Upon attempting to launch the game digitally, users are greeted with a message that reads "Sorry, we can't launch this right now. Thanks for your patience.". No clear cut reason has been given to us as to why the game isn't available, but an Xbox Support Representative did issue a statement to icxm.net. The statement can be read below.
Alright, so I do see the special edition on the store at Xbox.com. But you purchased the standard edition, and at this time, we're advising customers to head to Rocksteady's site and contact them about the game being pulled from the market...I know Rocksteady pulled the game from all markets before because of the optimization that had many issues on their end for the game title. At this moment though, I would highly advise contacting Rocksteady, the maker of the game, to have the information sorted out to download a copy of the game you purchased.

So with that said, there is no timetable yet as to when the game will become available once again. This is sadly something that we have probably already come to expect out of Rocksteady, granted their history with this game. A small minority of users have also stated that they had previously experienced the issue and it has since been resolved, but the majority still stands. What do you think? Do you own this game digitally on your Xbox One? Does this surprise you even the slightest? Leave your thoughts below!

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