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  1. Sony Reveals New PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man at E3

    We've seen Spider-Man in past games. Some good, some bad. Fans are eager to know if this game will once again break the Spidey genre, or be a needed refresher to revitalize what has become a dull lineup of titles.
  2. New 'Groups' Feature in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

    Whether you have been joining Clans since it was first introduced in Modern Warfare 3, or just like to create teams with friends, Black Ops 3's new feature, 'Groups', will be the feature for you!
  3. Gaming Console Sales: What Can We Expect?

    The sales gap between PS4 and Xbox One has grown so big, and it is getting bigger every year. Predictions insist that PS4 will continue to be the lead this console generation for many years to come.
  4. Techland Announces Support for Dying Light in 2016

    Dying Light, Techland's widely popular open-world zombie installment, will see more DLC all throughout 2016. The fans have shown persistent interest for more, and the developers have listened.
  5. Introducing EA's Competitive Gaming Division

    Soon, we will see eSports represented around the world like never before. Competitive gaming is growing bigger every year, and there is even more potential now to find your place as a pro. If you like games developed by Electronic Arts (EA), and are a competitive-styled player, then EA's studio has some exciting news for you.
  6. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Review

    Want to know if this controller is worth it? Are you on the fence about buying it? In this article, I break down my personal experience using this controller and give my honest opinions.
  7. A New Experience: Windows 10 and Xbox One

    Windows 10 and Xbox One have major plans coming. Everything is going to be at the user's fingertips, with highly smooth interfaces and and an experience that will be unlike anything we have seen on a gaming console before.
  8. Gamestop Now Selling Retro Classics

    This past weekend, Gamestop expanded their horizon to provide customers with even more gaming selections, and to include blast from the past classics on an array of many different retro consoles. Gamers worldwide wanted to see a revive of the virtual vintage world, and Gamestop answered. Now retro fans get the chance to play their favorite original games like Mortal Combat, Super Smash Bros, Super Mario, and more, to reminisce upon fond memories of gaming as a child or young adult....
  9. Microsoft Announces new Xbox Elite Controller at E3

    During this past E3 conference, Microsoft revealed their latest controller design that would appeal to all Xbox One competitive and recreational players worldwide. Similar to the popular Scuf Gaming controller, or any other gaming controller with modifications for more dexterity and usage, this brand new model features additions both internally and externally that gives more power to the players than ever before. The Elite controller will feature a plethora of customization choices, and...