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  1. Riot Games Announces Plans for Upcoming Dragon Champion in League of Legends

    Back in 2013 Riot Games released a concept art for a serpentine themed champion named Ao Shin. With the released concept art came little other information on the champion leaving community hype and growing anticipation. Riot Games announced Ao Shin will be replaced by another new champion on the way.
  2. Steam Accounts Compromised By Security Bug

    Over this past week, many players have seen their Steam accounts being hacked by a password reset security bug.
  3. Upcoming Rocket League Patch Fixes Many Issues

    Psyonix will be fixing many of the known and annoying issues with their newest hit game Rocket League.
  4. GTA V Heist Receives Double Cash and Double RP All Week Long

    Rockstar Games announced today that its famous title Grand Theft Auto V will receive x2 RP and GTA$ Payouts for the Humane Labs heist in GTA Online for one week starting today.
  5. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Gets More Free DLC

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be receiving new weapons and weapon variants in a new DLC next week.
  6. Minecraft: Story Mode Revealed

    At Minecon 2015 in London, Telltale Games revealed a new aspect of Minecraft, Story mode. In this new series, you follow a group of heroes who are determined to bring peace to the world of Minecraft. Many famous voice actors will come together to make this dream a reality.
  7. Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Announced

    A whole new version of Minecraft is coming for the release of the new operating system Windows 10. This new version of the game will allow you to play with Xbox, and Pocket Edition players from your Windows 10 PC.
  8. Batman: Arkham Knight's First DLC Revealed

    Batman: Arkham Knight's first DLC has been revealed and given the release date of July 14th by Warner Bro's, if you have the season pass. It will be released July 21st for everyone else. This DLC will be story-based and focus on the character "Batgirl".
  9. Destiny's Red Bull Promotional Codes Exploited

    The creators of Destiny came together with Red Bull to announce promotional cans of Red Bull with codes to unlock and XP boost and an exclusive quest in the Taken Kings expansion. The problem is, these codes aren't too unique.
  10. Post-Apocalyptic Open-World RPG "ELEX" Announced

    Nordic Games announced a new sci-fi open-world RPG titled ELEX. The developer, Piranha Bytes, has worked on popular games such as Risen and Gothic. There aren't much details yet, but it's set to release late 2016 or early 2017.
  11. Steam No Longer Restoring Items Lost to Scams

    Due to an update in the Terms & Service Agreement Valve decides to no longer restore items lost to trading scams on the community marketplace.
  12. Minecraft PC Sales Pass 20M, New Console Patch, & DLC

    Mojang prepares to release a new update & DLC on the console version of Minecraft after the PC version reaches a milestone of 20 Million copies of the game sold.
  13. Titanfall Expected To Release New Game Modes

    For those of you who thinks Titanfall is getting a bit stale, you'll be pleased to know that the hit new game will have new life breathed into it in the form of new game modes. Currently, there is no set date on these new game modes, but when asked if players would be seeing any new modes in the near future, Respawn's Vince Zampella replied with a simple"yes." No one knows right now what kind of game modes it will include but what we do know is it is getting three waves of expansion packs...