Articles from Sparfire

  1. Upcoming Update Brings Motorcycle Clubs to GTA Online

    Earlier this summer, data miners found clues to suggest an upcoming Biker DLC for GTA Online. It seems they were right, as Rockstar just announced Bikers, their next free update. It's allowing players to form Motorcycle Clubs and rise through the ranks from prospects to club President, and unleashing several new ways to engage in both competitive and co-operative gameplay.
  2. Rumor Modern Warfare Remastered to be Sold as a Standalone?

    The rumor spawned after a statement made by Director of Raven, David Pellas, during the Call of Duty XP fan event earlier this month. While announcing the availability of all 16 original multiplayer maps, and only 10 as originally stated, he might have slipped up and released some information he wasn't supposed to. Or he may just have worded himself poorly.
  3. Rocket League Ban Waves Incoming?

    Just over a week ago, developer Psyonix released Patch 1.22 for Rocket League, adding the previously announced Rumble mode and some other highly anticipated features. Player trading was one of them, and naturally, with it came a few new problems for the community. To address these, Psyonix decided to update their player behavior guidelines and post an explanation as to how they actually plan to enforce them.
  4. Third Season of Telltale's The Walking Dead Release Date and Title Revealed

    Telltale Games finally revealed the title and release window for their much awaited third season of The Walking Dead. During a panel at PAX West, the developer shared some information and announced that The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier will be available on consoles, PC and mobile in November.
  5. Overwatch Season 2 is Live

    Season 2 of Overwatch's Competitive mode is here, a few days earlier than the expected September 6th release. In an announcement on their official blog, Blizzard outlines all the changes and additions the new season and the accompanying patch will bring. As of now, PC and Xbox players are able to jump in, but there is still no confirmed date for when they are ready to go on PlayStation.
  6. LeapTrade Now Lets You Trade In Your Games For Cash

    In the ever growing gaming industry, more and more games are made available for gamers world wide. A constant flow of AAA titles, public funded Kickstarter successes, and surprise indie games reach PC and consoles, and with so many games available, it is near impossible for a consumer to be able to afford even just the most appealing titles. So what do we do? We buy them, trade them in, and buy something else. That sounds simple enough, right? Well, there is one catch: The price you get in...
  7. Rocket League Rumble Coming in September

    The Rocket League Championship Series Live Finals just concluded, and at the last day of the event, developer Psyonix decided it was time to unveil yet another free addition to their popular game. Next month, players will be able to hop into Rumble mode, where no one is safe and anything can happen. Always wanted to kick your opponent out of the way? Well, now you can give him the boot.
  8. Destiny Brings Back the Thorn and Bumps the Light Level to 400

    It is no secret that Bungie's Destiny is about to get a chunky content upgrade when Rise of Iron, the next big DLC, hits consoles in September. We already know that the coveted Gjallarhorn is returning, we have heard that there's a new raid, and that we can get the Gjallarwing, a new, shiny looking sparrow, as a pre-order bonus. But that is far from all we'll get, we have some of the most interesting news for you right here.
  9. Player Kicked from His Super Smash Bros. Team After Accusations of Sexual Harassment

    Another pro gamer bites the dust. Not because he didn't play well enough, or because someone better came around to take his spot on the team. No, he just lost his place on a pro eSport team and the ability to attend big tournaments because he couldn't keep his hands off a sleeping girl.
  10. Pokemon Go is a Money Making Machine

    Everyone knows that Pokemon Go has grown into one of the biggest online phenomenons we have seen in a while. It seems to captivate a wider selection of players than most other games, young and old, hardcore pro gamers and Candy Crush addicted soccer moms alike, they all embrace the hunt for more Pokemon. And even if Nintendo themselves didn't make this game, it is bringing them some nice benefits. Thanks to Niantic and the Pokemon Company, the developers of the game, Nintendo shares have...
  11. Fake Pokemon Go App One Step Away from Being Ransomware

    Pokemon Go has the world at its feet at the moment. Everyone is playing it, and those who aren't are either too old to understand or too stubborn to try. The rest of the world's population is happily searching everywhere they can in order to "catch them all." And as always, when something surpasses the hype and actually becomes a success, someone will try to take advantage of it. A few clever apps have already been removed from Google Play, because they were trying to trick impatient Pokemon...
  12. Twitch HTML5 Player Beta is Live

    Streaming has taken over more and more of the time we spend on the internet, so it would seem like a good idea for one of the most popular streaming services to get with the program, wouldn't you say? It is about time they leave the old Flash player behind and move on over to HTML5 as their video player of choice.
  13. New Overwatch Hero Revealed, Meet Ana Amari

    Overwatch just got another hero on the roster, and it is not who the community expected. The name Sombra was spotted in some in-game hints, and it was also mentioned in a leaked gameplay video earlier. So naturally, the entire internet was expecting to see Sombra announced as the next hero. But this is not the case, today we get to meet Ana Amari, a support sniper.
  14. Arma 3 Just Got Bigger, the Apex Expansion is Now Available

    Bohemia Interactive's open world tactical shooter Arma 3 just got its next big expansion. Named Apex, this massive DLC accompanies a general update for the game, and adds new areas to explore and new enemies to outsmart.
  15. Rocket League Gets Unlockable Crates

    We often hear rumors of future expansions and updates for games found through leaks, and this time it's Rocket League's turn to be datamined. A few days ago, a clever Redditor posted an image he found while rummaging around in game files, and it didn't take long for speculations to run wild on the Rocket League Subreddit. After a few days, Psyonix Vice President, Jeremy Dunham, jumped in with a post to confirm that crates and keys are indeed part of their plans for the future.