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  1. Rogue Legacy just got a big update after four years

    Cellar Door Games updated its action-platformer Rogue Legacy this week, the first major patch for the game in four years. In addition to expanded language support, the developer added brand-new gameplay features to Rogue Legacy, which first launched in June 2013.
  2. PUBG Mobile Update Adds War Mode, Clan System, And More

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile's new update adds War Mode, an achievement system, exclusive skins, and more to the game. The update arrives for the mobile title a month after a first-person perspective mode was added in June.
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    GTA 5 Online's Big After Hours Update Out Now

    Rockstar Games has rolled out another batch of new content for Grand Theft Auto V. The massive After Hours update for GTA Online is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, bringing new vehicles, the ability to own and operate a nightclub, and more to the online mode.
  4. Xbox One Adds 2 More Backwards Compatible Games

    Microsoft continues to roll out new backwards compatible games for Xbox One. Two more Xbox 360 titles are now playable on the current-gen console, and this time both are from Konami's Silent Hill series: Silent Hill HD Collection and Silent Hill: Homecoming.
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    Realm Royale Closed Beta Starts Next Week on PS4

    It’s almost time to choose your class, mount up, and explore the first fantasy battle royale on your PS4! We’re thrilled to announce that Realm Royale is officially coming to the PS4 and that Closed Beta testing will start next week!
  6. Metal Gear Solid 5 gets an update that lets you play as Quiet

    Konami released an update for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain today that adds new features to the game’s online competitive multiplayer mode, FOB missions, including the option to play as the sniper Quiet.
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    Fortnite Update 5.10 Patch Notes: Birthday Event, Compact SMG, Playground LTM, And More

    Ahead of the launch of Fornite's 5.10 update, developer Epic Games has released the patch notes detailing all the additions and changes coming to the game's Battle Royale and Save the World modes. The main attraction in the new Fortnite update is the birthday celebration event, during which players will be able to find birthday cake around the island and earn special cosmetics by completing challenges and quests.
  8. New Rainbow Six Siege Update Out Now On PC; Here Are The Patch Notes

    A new update is live for Rainbow Six Siege on PC, primarily focusing on balancing changes and bug fixes. The update is coming to the Xbox One and PS4 on July 24. Called Patch 2.2, the update makes several gameplay changes.
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    Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta Coming to Switch

    Arc System Works’ Dragon Ball FighterZ is making its way to the Nintendo Switch this fall, and today, Bandai Namco announced on Twitter that an open beta test for the game will begin in August. New multiplayer features, including two-versus-two, one-versus-one, and offline six-member party match modes will be available upon the official Switch release on Sep. 28.
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    Fallout 76 Beta Launches in October

    The buzz for Fallout 76 has been as infectious as its rendition of “Country Roads.” At this year’s E3, director Todd Howard said that there would be a beta before the game’s release on Nov. 14.
  11. PES 2019 Demo Release Date Confirmed

    PES 2019's release date is set for the end of August, and now publisher Konami has announced when we can play the game's demo. A playable trial version of the game will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam) on August 8.
  12. EA Access Adds Another Game On Xbox One

    The EA Access library of free games on Xbox One continues to grow. The 2010 action game Dante's Inferno is now in "The Vault" of freebies, as EA calls it.
  13. Switch Adds A Never-Before-Released Nintendo Arcade Game

    It's another packed week of releases for Nintendo Switch. Nearly 30 titles launched for the hybrid console this week, but one of the most intriguing is Sky Skipper, an exceptionally rare Nintendo arcade game that was never released in North America.
  14. New Pokemon Go Legendary Now Available

    The Legendary Pokemon Regice has now left Pokemon Go, but a new Legendary has taken its place. Registeel, the second of the three Legendary titans originally from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, has begun appearing around the world, and it'll remain in the game until August 21.
  15. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Update Adds Free Zelda: Breath Of The Wild DLC

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is getting DLC based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild--and the great news is it's free and it's available right now. Update 1.6 for the racing game adds the Master Cycle Zero and the Champion's Tunic from Breath of the Wild.