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  1. Pokémon Go Ultra Bonus Event Will Bring Regional And Unova Pokémon

    Pokémon Go players managed to successfully complete three challenges that coincided with the 2019 Pokémon Go Fests across the world. As a reward, there will be special events in Pokémon Go spanning three weeks starting on Sept. 2.
  2. Forza Motorsport 6 Is Free On Games With Gold

    Forza Motorsport 6 is currently available at no additional charge on Xbox Games With Gold, but if you want to get every single expansion and car available for the game, you can pick up every last piece of DLC at a massively reduced price too - but make sure you act quickly, because this is a limited time sale.
  3. Halo Wars 2 Will Not Receive Further Updates Or Support

    The petition, signed by over 2300 fans, asks for several updates and improvements for the Halo RTS. Fan requests included a Steam release; new features, such as replays, a UI design for PC, and keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One; new content, including maps and skins; and various bug fixes, quality of life improvements and balance patches.
  4. Destiny 2 Armour Changes: Here's What You Need To Know

    We know a huge amount of changes are coming to Destiny 2's gear systems in its upcoming Shadowkeep expansion. Armour in the expansion will be completely different as compared to its current system, offering more customization for character builds and cosmetic customization. Bungie is calling it Armor 2.0, and the studio just dropped a bunch of details about how it'll work.
  5. Bungie Dates Destiny 2 Cross Save

    Since the release of the PC version of Destiny 2, plenty of players have been hoping for cross-save capabilities that would let them move their characters between platforms. Bungie kicked off a lot of excitement when it announced cross save was on its way, alongside Destiny 2's next expansion, but we've never been quite clear on when the feature would actually become available--until now.
  6. Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Commit To New Platform Policies

    At a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) public panel on microtransactions in video games, the Entertainment Software Association announced that all three console platform-holders have agreed to a voluntary change in their policies toward loot boxes.
  7. FIFA 20: Career Mode's New Features Revealed

    EA has revealed what's new in FIFA 20's Career Mode on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The mode, which has remained largely unchanged for the last two years, is getting dynamic press conferences, updates to player potential, and more.
  8. Pokemon Sword And Shield Have Their Own Regional Variant Pokemon

    Pokemon Sun and Moon for 3DS introduced Alolan forms to the series--regional-exclusive variants of some older Pokemon that boast a different appearance and typing. The upcoming Sword and Shield for Switch will have their own regional variants as well, and we got a look at a handful of them in the games' latest trailer.
  9. Anthem's Cataclysm Expansion Now Available, Full 1.3 Patch Notes

    Anthem may have had a rocky launch, but EA and BioWare have remained committed to providing its promised post-launch content, including its first big world event, Cataclysm. The studio hadn't committed to a time-frame for the world event, but now it has been released alongside a large patch loaded with tweaks and balance changes.
  10. WWE 2K20 Is All About Firsts

    From your first look at the cover of WWE 2K20, it’s clear that things are going to be different this year. Rather than going with a solo WWE Superstar, we’re featuring both Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch (the first female WWE 2K cover star) and “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns. Both WWE Superstars factor heavily into the game with their own special modes and a blending of new features and content in a way that’s never been done in the WWE 2K franchise before.
  11. Pokemon Go Adds New Shiny Pokemon For A Limited Time

    The third and final Pokemon Go Fest of the summer kicks off in Yokohama, Japan, this week, and to commemorate the event, Niantic is making a new Shiny Pokemon available worldwide for a limited time. Beginning today, August 5, at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET / 10 PM BST (6 AM JST on August 6), players around the globe will have a chance of encountering Shiny Poliwag in the wild.
  12. Planetary Platformer Gravity Ghost Lands On PS4 Tomorrow

    Hi all! My name is Erin Robinson Swink, and I’m beyond excited to announce that my game Gravity Ghost: Deluxe Edition is coming out tomorrow on the PS4. It’s got an incredible soundtrack by Ben Prunty (FTL, Into the Breach), and an amazing voice cast featuring Ashly Burch (Horizon Zero Dawn, Life is Strange) and Logan Cunningham (Transistor, Bastion).
  13. Tekken 7 Reveals New DLC Characters

    Tonight during the Tekken World Tour 2019 Evo event, Bandai Namco announced new details about Tekken 7's ongoing post-launch support. A brand-new character, Leroy Smith, is coming to the fighting game through its Season Pass 3. The character Zafina, who was first introduced in Tekken 6, is also in Season Pass 3.
  14. Halo: Reach Xbox One Beta Delayed, And Here's Why

    Halo: Reach is coming to Xbox One, but the wait for it just got longer. Developer 343 Industries has now confirmed that the first "flight," or beta test, has been delayed.
  15. Pokemon Go Adding Even More Shadow Pokemon

    Team Rocket recently made their debut in Pokemon Go, and the villainous trainers have brought with them Shadow Pokemon--dark versions of Pokemon that are surrounded by a sinister aura. Only a few Shadow Pokemon have been available thus far, but it appears Team Rocket will be expanding their lineup.