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A member of the Retired Writer squad. I mainly enjoy writing about the newest updates and releases in the FPS and open world genres, but typically branch out into many other forms of gaming and technology.
  1. [UPDATED] Hideo Kojima's New Project 'Death Stranding' Revealed

    If there's any way to part with a game company as successful as Konami and still stand tall in the gaming world, Hideo Kojima sure knows how to pull it off. After his big reveal at Sony's E3 press conference last night, the world of gaming is in an even greater state of wonder as to what exactly his new project will entail.
  2. Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Being Remastered for PS4

    Well, I think we all knew that Shawn Layden wearing a Crash t-shirt back at the PlayStation Experience event wasn't simply to tease, or at least we all hoped it wasn't. Last night during Sony's E3 press conference, Layden confirmed that it was indeed, not just a tease or troll moment.
  3. Halo 5 'Hog Wild' DLC Details Revealed

    Following a bit of information released last week regarding Halo 5's newest DLC, a blog post on Halo Waypoint has now officially unveiled all of the details as to what will be included in the latest REQ Drop DLC.
  4. [UPDATED] No Man's Sky Delayed Again

    Following the reports of No Man's Sky being delayed, Hello Games' founder Sean Murray has now confirmed the second delay of this game. The game itself is coming along well, but some key moments needed some more polishing to be up to the dev's high standards.
  5. [UPDATED] Gran Turismo Sport Release Date & Special Editions Revealed

    During a recent event that was showcasing the upcoming title, an official release date was finally revealed. Along with that, a brand new gameplay trailer was unveiled with a slew of beautiful screenshots. However, the beta for GT Sport has now been cancelled.
  6. New Details Emerge for Battlefield 1

    On the announcement day the devs were very cryptic, simply showing off the reveal trailer and answering a few questions, but only to a certain degree. Now however, while answering questions during a Twitter Q & A, Battlefield 1 Senior Producer Aleksander Grøndal has unveiled small details regarding in-game features and gameplay.
  7. Battlefield 1: The Game That Will Succeed Where Call of Duty Has Failed

    Here it is Battlefield Nation... Battlefield 1 is the next title in the franchise! Do not worry though my friends, this game will not be going the futuristic route. On the contraire, as Battlefield 1 will be heading to the past, where brutal, all-out war first began.
  8. Ten Backward Compatible Games Added to Xbox One This Week

    Microsoft has taken the first week of May as an opportunity to expand the backward compatible game lineup the most that they have in recent months. Come check out the new titles available to play on your Xbox One!
  9. Dishonored 2 Release Date Confirmed

    After being announced back at E3 2015, Dishonored 2 has been laying low, hiding out in the shadows. Now however, it has decided to make itself known with an official release date. Which will unfortunately not be this Spring, as was originally expected.
  10. [UPDATED] Forza 6 Apex Brings 4K Racing to PC This Spring

    The game that has been proclaimed as one of the best racing simulators available has been Forza Motorsport 6 for just under seven months now. All while it has been exclusive to Xbox One. Now however, the new Forza 6 Apex will be tapping into the game's full potential, bringing it onto PC with an intense, 4K bang!
  11. Microsoft Are No Longer Manufacturing Xbox 360 Consoles

    After celebrating its tenth birthday last year in November, Head of the Xbox Division for Microsoft, Phil Spencer, has now announced that the console which has helped redefine how we saw console gaming will no longer see new versions roll off the assembly line.
  12. DOOM Open Beta & DLC Details Announced

    Following a successful closed beta that ended just this Sunday, the devs of DOOM have decided to announce the date for the upcoming open beta. Along with that they've also revealed that DOOM will be receiving three post-release DLC packs, and even free updates in the form of game modes and expansions to the SnapMap level editor!
  13. Gears 4 Release Date & Cover Art Revealed

    With the momentum building for the beta that will be beginning in just twelve short days, Microsoft and The Coalition have finally announced on their newswire the official worldwide release date for Gears 4!
  14. [UPDATED] New Update to The Division Fixes Backpack Bug, Brings Forth the First Incursion

    With a fix now set in motion, Ubisoft has announced that they will also be releasing The Division’s first Incursion update along with an important fixer patch. The new update, titled ‘Falcon Lost,’ will set in motion the Season Pass content that Ubisoft has prepared for The Division across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.
  15. Multiplayer Beta Date Revealed for Gears of War 4

    With the beta timeframe being Spring, Gears fans have been trying their best to be patient for some kind of announcement regarding the new game. Well Gearheads the time has finally come, and we now know when the multiplayer beta will be available. Come check it out!