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A member of the Retired Writer squad. I mainly enjoy writing about the newest updates and releases in the FPS and open world genres, but typically branch out into many other forms of gaming and technology.
  1. Rocket League Confirmed for Release on Other Platforms

    In an interview with Gamezone and a separate statement to Gamespot, marketing VP Jeremy Dunham first officially confirmed that developer Psyonix was looking into releasing Rocket League on other platforms. Then, changed the original probability of the first statement, to say that it is "absolutely, one hundred percent, being ported to other platforms."
  2. New Just Cause 3 Beta Gameplay Showcases Absolute Chaos

    After its announcement back at E3 2015, Just Cause 3 has been making waves throughout the gaming community. Just recently the team at the production company Rooster Teeth got a chance to test out the beta.
  3. New Details Revealed on Star Wars: Battlefront

    After catching some serious flak about the console beta’s resolution, the developers of Star Wars: Battlefront have explained exactly why the HD quality of the game was so low. Opening to the public last week, the beta came under immediate fire by the gaming community simply because the console's resolution was under 1080p.
  4. Shadow of the Beast: A Violent Side Scroller Slashing Its Way onto PS4

    Shadow of the Beast is a remake of the 1989 side scroller of the same name. This new version is looking to seamlessly combine 3D side scrolling action with quick cinematic camera angles. Expected to launch exclusively to PlayStation 4 sometime in 2016.
  5. Enhanced Edition Announced for Dying Light

    During Techland’s PlayStation Experience presentation they announced that Dying Light would be receiving an Enhanced Edition of the game that is jam-packed with improvements. If you already own the game, though, you will not need to purchase anything for the enhancing update that brings improved graphics, a greater variety of firearms to choose from, and much more!
  6. First Xbox One Black Friday Bundle Revealed

    Ever since 2013, the Xbox One has seen a few software upgrades and a price drop. Now it has been revealed that there will be a new Xbox One bundle available on Black Friday that will feature the lowest price tag the console has ever seen.
  7. Yakuza 5 Gets Release Date & Yakuza 0 Is Coming to the Americas

    During a day full of big announcements and news for PlayStation fans across the world, Yakuza 5 now has an officially confirmed release date for launch, and it’s much sooner than may have been expected. Less than fifty hours from now to be exact.
  8. Uncharted 4 Release Date & Special Collector's Editions Announced

    The next installment in Naughty Dog's Uncharted series now has an exact release date, as was announced by Sony earlier today. Along with this, Sony also announced that the Uncharted series will see it's first ever single-player, story mode DLC.
  9. Microsoft Announces Release Date & Gameplay for Quantum Break

    After being delayed earlier this year, Quantum Break finally has a new release date. During their Gamescom briefing today, Microsoft announced their new third-person shooter will be making its way, exclusively, to Xbox One on April 5, 2016.
  10. Quantum Break Dev Discusses Game's Difficulty & Exploration

    Since the announcement of its release date, the developers of Quantum Break have been giving us all the silent treatment in regards to more information about their new game. However, one of the devs recently spoke on some of the time-warping action game's difficulty and overall exploration.
  11. Phil Spencer's Latest Updates on Xbox

    Just a few days ago, Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox was interviewed by Gizmodo Brazil. A few points of interest that were given updates included the possibility of a future console or slim Xbox One, and even the idea of creating an Xbox 360 emulator for PC.
  12. Grinding Through The Gears

    If you know Gears of War, then you know the Locust Horde and the soldiers of the COG are both intimidating forces not to be reckoned with. Gears, and the whole cult following it's created, has seen many ups and downs in the past decade. This series has left a big mark ever since its inception.
  13. Until Dawn: A Virtual Horror Movie

    Ever watch one of those cliché slasher films where a group of friends get tormented by a stranger in the woods? We all have, but never before has there been an opportunity to explore and experience that world first-hand. Until Dawn will be attempting to portray that, along with the classic sense of fear and terror associated with the genre.
  14. Halo 5 'Hog Wild' DLC Details Revealed

    Following a bit of information released last week regarding Halo 5's newest DLC, a blog post on Halo Waypoint has now officially unveiled all of the details as to what will be included in the latest REQ Drop DLC.
  15. Dead Island 2 Has a New Developer

    When the original team working on Dead Island 2 fell to shambles back in July, it seemed as though the game would be stuck in limbo for the unforeseeable future. However, after revealing a definitive collection of the first two titles in the series, Deep Silver has now confirmed that they have a new dev team for Dead Island 2 as well.